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Re-add secret decrypting docs

These are useful for the times when a secret needs to be decrypted
for debugging but seem to have been deleted when we did the zuulv3
migration removal.

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@@ -198,6 +198,22 @@ Zuul Web is stateless so is safe to restart, however restarting it will result
in a loss of connection for anyone watching a live-stream of a console log
when the restart happens.


In some cases it may be warranted to compare the decrypted plaintext of
a secret from job configuration against a reference value while
troubleshooting, since random padding means encrypting the same
plaintext a second time will result in wholly different ciphertext. In
order to avoid unintentional disclosure this should only be done when
absolutely necessary, but it's possible to decrypt a secret locally on
the scheduler server with a command like the following (just extract the
secret ciphertext from the job configuration first to remove surrounding
YAML, there is no need to recombine split lines)::

cat ciphertext.txt | sed 's/^ *//' | base64 -d | sudo openssl rsautl -decrypt -oaep -inkey \

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