Update channel renaming instructions for OFTC

There is no join forwarding in OFTC's network, so instead let's just
update channel topics and possibly set entry messages to let people
know when a channel has moved. In order to be considerate of the
network operators, remember to drop the old unused channel
registrations after a while.

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Jeremy Stanley 2 years ago
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@ -330,23 +330,37 @@ Renaming an IRC Channel
First, follow the procedure for creating a new channel, including submitting
the appropriate changes to Gerrit for logging, accessbot, etc and adding the
proper credentials for the openstackinfra account.
The following commands start the process of renaming of the channel, they
need to be run by a founder of the channels or a member of infra-root::
/MSG ChanServ op #openstack-project-old
/MSG ChanServ op #openstack-project-new
/TOPIC #openstack-project-old We have moved to #openstack-project-new, please
/part and then type /join #openstack-project-new to get to us
/MSG ChanServ SET #openstack-project-old GUARD ON
/MSG ChanServ SET #openstack-project-old MLOCK +tnsmif #openstack-project-new
/MSG ChanServ SET #openstack-project-old TOPICLOCK ON
/MSG ChanServ SET #openstack-project-old PRIVATE ON
Once that is complete, all new attempts to join the old channel will be
automatically redirected to the new channel. No one can rejoin the old
proper credentials for the opendevaccess account.
Once those changes merge, or using some combination of Depends-On and/or WIP
status to ensure they don't merge before the others, propose changes to remove
the entries for the old channel from the same files. For the accessbot
:config:`channels.yaml` in particular, don't remove the channel but merely
comment it out with the current date so we'll know when it's safe for to
completely unregister::
- name: bar
- name: baz
# - name: foo RETIRED 2021-06-02
- name: plugh
- name: xyzzy
Once that is complete, a channel operator should set the topic string for the
old channel to indicate that discussions have moved to the new channel::
/msg chanserv set #foo topic Discussion has moved to #bar, find us there
Optionally an entry message can be added for anyone joining as a reminder::
/msg chanserv set #foo entrymessage This channel is unused, we're in #bar
Periodically, someone should sweep the accessbot channels for any comments
indicating a channel has been retired for at least 6 months, propose a change
to clean up those comments, and manually unregister each corresponding
/msg chanserv drop #foo