Update IRC bot troubleshooting doc for OFTC

The troubleshooting section of our IRC doc had examples specific to
Freenode, update those. Further, drop the bit about /etc/hosts on
eavesdrop, since OFTC offers an IPv4-only round-robin name we can
use directly in our meetbot configuration to work around the
TwistedPython+SSL+IPv6 DNS resolution bug without resorting to
hard-coding addresses on the server.

Change-Id: I7ac1542dcd0a4f088b8c475756338851994f5433
Jeremy Stanley 2 years ago
parent f10bf949dc
commit c6137dce82

@ -376,19 +376,11 @@ Bots may stop responding, common steps to troubleshoot the problem are:
If the bot is stopped, start it again. Restart the bot if you see
it's running but not operating properly.
2. On bot restart, it may show problems connecting to chat.freenode.net.
2. On bot restart, it may show problems connecting to irc.oftc.net.
If bot logs show it's stopped on connection, you can manually try
telnet chat.freenode.net 6667
3. For bots on the eavesdrop server: if you don't have connection to
that port, check entries on ``/etc/hosts`` for
``chat.freenode.net``, until you find one server that is operative.
Switch the entries on ``/etc/hosts`` to choose the right one, and
restart the service with::
sudo service xxxbot restart
telnet irc.oftc.net 6667
Registering a Nick for a New Bot