Update doc on banning disruptive users for OFTC

OFTC doesn't have a server-side remove command (I can't find
evidence that it even works on Freenode though I only bothered to
test on OFTC to confirm). Update this section of our IRC document

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Jeremy Stanley 2 years ago
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@ -312,19 +312,9 @@ channel is to add them to Chanserv's auto-kick list like so::
This will immediately and anonymously kick them from the channel, and prevent
them from rejoining until explicitly removed from the akick list again.
On some networks, the preferred mechanism for removing a user from a channel is
a kick. Freenode also supports the "remove" command which is a gentler way to
simply send a part-like command to the user's client. In most cases, this will
signal the client not to try to rejoin. Syntax for the removal command is as
follows (you must be an operator)::
/quote remove #channel nickname :Reason goes here
Note the colon in the syntax, if this is omitted only the first word will
accompany the removal message.
Banning of disruptive users is also available with the `/ban` command, see your
client documentation for syntax.
client documentation for syntax, though this will require opping yourself in
the channel first.
Renaming an IRC Channel