Make a firehose group with firehose01 in it

We want to configure firehose logically as the firehose service, but the
host that is in the group is called Make a
group and put the config variables for firehose into it.

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Monty Taylor 2018-08-16 15:11:20 -05:00
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commit f78f871afe
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@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ groups:
elasticsearch: inventory_hostname is match('elasticsearch0[1-7]\.openstack\.org')
ethercalc: inventory_hostname.startswith('ethercalc')
files: inventory_hostname.startswith('files')
firehose: inventory_hostname.startswith('firehose')
futureparser: inventory_hostname is match('(review-dev\d*|groups\d*|groups-dev\d*|graphite\d*|etherpad-dev\d*|ask-staging\d*|codesearch\d*)\.openstack\.org')
git-loadbalancer: inventory_hostname is match('git(-fe\d+)?\.openstack\.org')
git-server: inventory_hostname is match('git\d+\.openstack\.org')