17269 Commits (master)

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Zuul 3ce9e4b5ed Merge "Remove review-test" 4 hours ago
Zuul 69fbc35605 Merge "Test the rename_repos playbook" 5 hours ago
Clark Boylan d504604b0c Test the rename_repos playbook 5 days ago
Zuul d8afe07574 Merge "Update docker-compose restart flags" 1 day ago
Alex Schultz e52972e22f Add cdn0{1,2}.quay.io 1 year ago
Zuul ec77854022 Merge "Point cacti at review02 explicitly" 6 days ago
Zuul 76a26721e4 Merge "Upgrade gitea to 1.14.5" 6 days ago
Zuul 725d111b54 Merge "Add DNSSEC configuration for gating.dev" 6 days ago
Zuul df647d2148 Merge "Update gitea to 1.14.4" 7 days ago
James E. Blair efd6ed5be8 Add DNSSEC configuration for gating.dev 7 days ago
Clark Boylan b7668a83bb Upgrade gitea to 1.14.5 7 days ago
Ian Wienand fc4ca85f08 Update docker-compose restart flags 1 week ago
Ian Wienand c1278d18bb Remove review-test 1 week ago
Zuul d68f8ce7bb Merge "Remove review01 references" 1 week ago
Zuul 987cf88750 Merge "gerrit: fix Launchpad credentials write" 1 week ago
Clark Boylan fb85ae32ed Trim yum-puppetlabs content 1 week ago
Ian Wienand e79e3a2f04 Remove review01 references 1 week ago
Ian Wienand 21e25cb4f6 gerrit: fix Launchpad credentials write 1 week ago
Ian Wienand b12ff039e4 Point cacti at review02 explicitly 1 week ago
Zuul cf7c95acb1 Merge "review02: skip ~gerrit2/tmp in backup" 1 week ago
Ian Wienand ede3a6390c review02: skip ~gerrit2/tmp in backup 1 week ago
Ian Wienand 0142bc10eb backups: add review02.opendev.org 1 month ago
Zuul f1b559bb7a Merge "review02: move out of staging group" 1 week ago
Ian Wienand 8607ff7d81 review02: move out of staging group 1 month ago
Zuul dea42eb61f Merge "Enable openEuler mirroring" 2 weeks ago
Zuul b895af4d35 Merge "Remove paste01.openstack.org" 2 weeks ago
Ian Wienand 5e52befdfa Remove paste01.openstack.org 2 weeks ago
Xinliang Liu e54cc45bb8 Enable openEuler mirroring 4 months ago
Zuul 128b7ab3fa Merge "Add paste01.opendev.org to backup" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 5d9b907f41 Merge "borg-backup: exclude /var/lib/snapd" 2 weeks ago
Ian Wienand d4c613a07a Add paste01.opendev.org to backup 2 weeks ago
Zuul 61b1759f0e Merge "lodgeit: correct database path" 2 weeks ago
Ian Wienand 1e8132e27a lodgeit: correct database path 2 weeks ago
Zuul d871b5b5a3 Merge "Add infra-service-deploy-paste to deploy pipeline" 2 weeks ago
Zuul f951019b1b Merge "lodgeit: add robots.txt" 2 weeks ago
Clark Boylan 25d2fdcc3f Add warning to inventory about zuul gerrit server config 2 weeks ago
Clark Boylan 2c06a86915 Talk to review.o.o instead of review01.o.o 2 weeks ago
Ian Wienand e3ab346f89 lodgeit: add robots.txt 2 weeks ago
Ian Wienand cec6372288 Add infra-service-deploy-paste to deploy pipeline 2 weeks ago
Zuul 9311f67715 Merge "Add opendev paste server" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 51480ca77e Merge "Add paste service" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 4feb2b934f Merge "gerrit: fix docker-compose template" 2 weeks ago
Clark Boylan bcc6e77440 Update gitea to 1.14.4 3 weeks ago
Zuul 0fcb7a81a4 Merge "install-docker: install build-essential for cffi on Xenial" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 48815ebb5e Merge "Sync project-config before deploying accessbot" 2 weeks ago
Ian Wienand b76c7a109b gerrit: fix docker-compose template 2 weeks ago
Ian Wienand cc4903bd5f install-docker: install build-essential for cffi on Xenial 2 weeks ago
Zuul f45f5f9626 Merge "Connect Zuul to review01.opendev.org" 2 weeks ago
Jeremy Stanley e2a1facede Sync project-config before deploying accessbot 3 weeks ago
Monty Taylor 4bda99ee47 Add matrix well-known files for opendev 3 weeks ago