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  Zuul 862147eaee Merge "Remove #openstack-merges" 13 hours ago
  Zuul ff5bef016b Merge "Add linaro-us mirror" 1 day ago
  Ian Wienand 5b09e09c60 kerberos-client: remove kstart requirement on CentOS 1 day ago
  Zuul e038eccbc3 Merge "openafs-client: add centos8" 1 day ago
  Ian Wienand 3f68936a0c openafs-client: add centos8 1 week ago
  Tobias Henkel e35fcde591
Upgrade pip in python-builder and base 1 day ago
  Ian Wienand 9a75422145 Add linaro-us mirror 1 day ago
  Zuul 50fde43dfb Merge "Add Linaro US cloud" 2 days ago
  Zuul dd56f80d9b Merge "Remove unused linaro credentials" 2 days ago
  Ian Wienand c3c96d3797 Add Linaro US cloud 3 days ago
  Zuul e00dd724c6 Merge "Add mailing list for OpenInfra Labs" 2 days ago
  Ian Wienand 8296bf450c Remove unused linaro credentials 3 days ago
  Andreas Jaeger 77442e4e57 Remove #openstack-merges 3 days ago
  Andreas Jaeger d0f59d19cc Remove openstackci-images for ubuntu-trusty 6 days ago
  Mohammed Naser 4b90ba9b4f Add mailing list for OpenInfra Labs 6 days ago
  Andreas Jaeger 9b2657527e Remove trusty testing 6 days ago
  Zuul 744a272cb2 Merge "Update python-base image upload job depends" 1 week ago
  Zuul 3927db22c4 Merge "Add job dependencies to haproxy-statsd" 1 week ago
  Zuul 4c4ec5760d Merge "Add roles for a basic static server" 1 week ago
  Zuul ffe334c78c Merge "Replace skip with errors=ignore" 1 week ago
  Zuul 37639dd2b5 Merge "Add quick script for cleaning boot from volume leaks" 1 week ago
  Zuul 8e75bf4416 Merge "Switch to collect-container-logs" 1 week ago
  Zuul 802fd35cd5 Merge "Better checking for tags when cloning puppet modules" 1 week ago
  Zuul 44935bca39 Merge "Add notes on manual host configuration runs" 1 week ago
  Monty Taylor 9e57b3b3b7 Update python-base image upload job depends 1 week ago
  Monty Taylor 99c3fbff78 Add job dependencies to haproxy-statsd 3 months ago
  Ian Wienand 161906647b Replace skip with errors=ignore 8 months ago
  Zuul 12d9a02766 Merge "Switch nodes to xenial" 1 week ago
  Ian Wienand f5b5ee9336 Add roles for a basic static server 1 month ago
  Zuul 06096940e2 Merge "Revert "Enable gerrit replication.autoReload for review"" 1 week ago
  Zuul fd1f2596b9 Merge "Update registry testing to use LE" 1 week ago
  Zuul 6489d40f7e Merge "Periodically release additional AFS volumes" 1 week ago
  Zuul a48be16f3e Merge "afs-client: move reduced cache to group variable" 1 week ago
  Zuul b5f9fbc65c Merge "Gracefully restart Apache after cert replacements" 1 week ago
  Clark Boylan 6f62b38dbc Update registry testing to use LE 1 week ago
  Jeremy Stanley e5ceab1f7d Gracefully restart Apache after cert replacements 1 week ago
  Monty Taylor 6f3a2792cc Switch to ansible on review-dev 1 week ago
  Clark Boylan 3deef00ba9 Manage insecure-ci-registry cert with LE 1 week ago
  Monty Taylor 2aebe4e09f Add quick script for cleaning boot from volume leaks 1 week ago
  Clark Boylan f30b39c769 Don't issue cert for zuul01.opendev.org 1 week ago
  Zuul a04eb94d41 Merge "Use zuul.opendev.org LE cert" 1 week ago
  Mohammed Naser e0c627d8a6 Switch to collect-container-logs 2 weeks ago
  Zuul 2571b2c90f Merge "Provision LE cert for zuul.opendev.org" 2 weeks ago
  Zuul f3e9ec5024 Merge "Add arm64 to reprepro updates file for UCA" 2 weeks ago
  Zuul cc05e71ae7 Merge "Plumb through secure.config contents" 2 weeks ago
  Zuul e68e154956 Merge "Clean up review comments" 2 weeks ago
  Jeremy Stanley eec87262b2 Add arm64 to reprepro updates file for UCA 2 weeks ago
  Clark Boylan 377d72f1ee Use zuul.opendev.org LE cert 2 weeks ago
  Clark Boylan 3981c02322 Provision LE cert for zuul.opendev.org 2 weeks ago
  Zuul abf455e22b Merge "Use LE cert for git.zuul-ci.org" 2 weeks ago