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Ian Wienand ed7083ed88
launch-node : make into a small package
This turns launch-node into an installable package.  This is not meant
for distribution, we just encapsulate the installation in a virtualenv
on the bastion host.  Small updates to documentation and simple
testing are added (also remove some spaces to make

Change-Id: Ibcb4774114d73600753ca155ed277d775964bc79
2022-11-21 16:29:22 +11:00
Monty Taylor 99a52a9c52 Make small tweaks to launch node README
First of all, we're using RST syntax, so rename it to README.rst.

More importantly, remove menitons of puppetmaster - and puppet in
general, as they are distracting. When reading the file, my eyes
scanned and hit puppetmaster and I almost skipped the section with the
assumption it was out of date.

Change-Id: I294bf17084be7dad46e075ad2a3ef2674276c018
2020-02-12 08:42:32 -06:00