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Jeremy Stanley 89d01144a1 Clean up old Mailman v2 roles and vars
Now that we no longer run a Mailman v2 server, we can drop all the
automation we used for deploying and maintaining it.

Change-Id: I522cdbef86d1fe491d446e4b721a7873564c927a
2023-10-31 18:20:12 +00:00
Clark Boylan 4c4e27cb3a Ansible mailman configs
This converts our existing puppeted mailman configuration into a set of
ansible roles and a new playbook. We don't try to do anything new and
instead do our best to map from puppet to ansible as closely as
possible. This helps reduce churn and will help us find problems more
quickly if they happen.

Followups will further cleanup the puppetry.

Change-Id: If8cdb1164c9000438d1977d8965a92ca8eebe4df
2021-05-11 08:40:01 -07:00