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James E. Blair f52d2eb2b6 Revert "Fixing deprecation warnings"
This reverts commit 82b9b59522.

Change-Id: I746d7ae57802dc76618db9024a0cf94c43774c02
9 years ago
Spencer Krum 82b9b59522 Fixing deprecation warnings
Non instance variable representation is deprecated
so needs to be changed. This change changes varibles
to their instance variable representation.

See more details see:

Change-Id: Ib77827e01011ef6c0380c9ec7a9d147eafd8ce2f
9 years ago
zaro0508 782501b228 make maven versioning and deployment workflow similiar to python
This commit fixes bug 1182154

The maven workflow for versioning and deployment is at odds with how
we like to do it.  For versioning, our convention is to get info
from SCM to set the project build versions.  For deployments
to remote repositories we prefer to use curl instead of mvn deploy
due to maven security vulnerabilities.  Our python builds
have already been setup to set package versions from SCM and
deploy to pypi using curl so this commit is to make
maven versioning and deployments similiar our python
versioning and deployment workflow.

This commit does the following:

Setup a project version string as an environement variable
so we can pass it to maven builds. The version string is
retrieved from information in git.  This makes the build versioning
workflow similar to how we build python packages.

  This setup expects a variable called '$project-version' in
  the root 'version' element (i.e. <version>${project-version}</version>)
  of the maven project's pom.xml file.

  For general (throw away CI) builds we do the following:
    1. generate a package 'myplugin.hpi' with version ''
       in the MANIFEST.MF file.  The '4' is the number of commits since
       last tag.
    2. publish 'myplugin-' to tarballs.o.o

  For release builds we do the following:
    1. generate a package 'myplugin.hpi' with version '1.3.1'
     in the MANIFEST.MF file.
    2. publish 'myplugin-1.3.1.hpi' to tarballs.o.o
    3. publish 'myplugin-1.3.1.hpi' to repo.jenkins-ci.org

Passes the jenkins credentials from hiera to the pypi slave so
we can use it to deploy released plugins to repo.jenkins-ci.org

Creates a generic jenkinsci-upload job that will deploy
released jenkins plugin artifacts to a remote repository with
user credentials from hiera. It will use the same curl deployment
method as the pypi-upload job.

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Approved: Clark Boylan <clark.boylan@gmail.com>
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10 years ago