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Colleen Murphy b54344129d Fix template variables
We almost never define $serveraliases which means that it's always going
to be empty. Puppet 4 is more strict about types and converting undef to
nil so this change makes sure that an undefined variable doesn't
accidentally get evaluated as existing and cause an invalid apache

In the places where we're already just comparing @serveraliases to nil,
just leave them alone. Nil should be the expected value for undefined
variables going forward in puppet 4, so as long as it's working in
puppet 3 let's keep it.

Change-Id: I68ea8e1fde5d422f821453ff618d827e3cbe1c43
5 years ago
Clark Boylan e940f7737e Use https://docs.openstack.org everywhere
We have lots of links and redirects into docs.o.o using http but we host
via https now. Avoid unnecessary redirects and point directly at https.

Change-Id: I3a01533afa5915dcfc0a7220dd511819911108ca
6 years ago
Monty Taylor ff52dd32e1
Add legacy redirects to static.o.o
The legacy redirects that are on old-wiki.o.o should go away. But they
certainly should stop being served by old-wiki.

Note, this excludes quantum, which is a dead redirect anyway and
workitems which never really got off the ground and only contains out of
date info from diablo-4.

Change-Id: If78ba98ff927420d003fa69b49ed073e3a44ea09
6 years ago