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James E. Blair f52d2eb2b6 Revert "Fixing deprecation warnings"
This reverts commit 82b9b59522.

Change-Id: I746d7ae57802dc76618db9024a0cf94c43774c02
9 years ago
Spencer Krum 82b9b59522 Fixing deprecation warnings
Non instance variable representation is deprecated
so needs to be changed. This change changes varibles
to their instance variable representation.

See more details see:

Change-Id: Ib77827e01011ef6c0380c9ec7a9d147eafd8ce2f
9 years ago
Khai Do 9aef0e90d8 new maven plugin jobs to build and deploy maven plugins to maven nexus
This patch adds jobs to build maven plugins and deploy them
to the maven nexus repo at https://oss.sonatype.org

Closes-Bug: #1082812

Change-Id: I283d475ab18819391f282234b063522abbf09eda
10 years ago