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Clark Boylan 09288c7c37 Manage clouds.yaml files in ansible
This manages the clouds.yaml files in ansible so that we can get them
updated automatically on bridge.openstack.org (which does not puppet).

Co-Authored-By: James E. Blair <jeblair@redhat.com>
Depends-On: https://review.openstack.org/598378
Change-Id: I2071f2593f57024bc985e18eaf1ffbf6f3d38140
5 years ago
Mohammed Naser 1534c42409 Adding SJC1 for VEXXHOST
Change-Id: Ia4bf3fcd576d415418f756cb07609b817d035534
5 years ago
Ian Wienand a05486fa22 Add identity_api_version to packethost
Every "openstack" cli operation gives

 Ignoring domain related config project_domain_name because identity API version is 2.0
 Ignoring domain related config user_domain_name because identity API version is 2.0

I feel like this should be auto-detected to v3 but not sure how.  Add
the identity_api_version as done in the other clouds.

(I proposed making that message clearer in

Change-Id: I22f8d342968c9084d05d841d6e3ab660a62c3262
5 years ago
Ian Wienand 47c7ee6086 packethost: fix default network setting
It's actually "default_interface", not just "default".  I must have
tested with it correct, then copied it in wrong to system-config :/

Change-Id: I38a76c2d162a9ef35ebaa87080d6986af1a3daa2
5 years ago
Ian Wienand 9f0bbc738a Fix typo in packethost configuration
This typo was introduced with
I88ccdca80477fa06d33e5785d764a546e88a76a5; I copy-pasted it wrong.

Change-Id: Ia1b66107b332bbb8cbb82c26ed6246c9506c014e
5 years ago
Ian Wienand c9dfa29fc0 Add default network to packethost
For ... reasons ... it seems we can't detect the default network on
packethost.  Override it in clouds.yaml, while we possibly figure out
what is going wrong.

Change-Id: I88ccdca80477fa06d33e5785d764a546e88a76a5
5 years ago
Clark Boylan 7a68034f5d Update vexxhost to use keystone v3 auth
They appear to have disabled v2.

Change-Id: Ie9025ee196a57bcdb3be046ee22e585debc1aa30
5 years ago
Jeremy Stanley acb2e9e6f0 Template credentials for Packet Host/Platform 9
Packet Host and Platform 9 have generously agreed to donate some
compute resources to our testing efforts. Add Nodepool and
Puppetmaster credentials for them.

Change-Id: I705c4204abca060c35a1a417791a67229b78cd02
5 years ago
David Moreau Simard 77e38475fb
Add limestone-specific network configuration to *clouds.yaml
Limestone provides both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses. Add the necessary
configuration to clouds.yaml to make it work.

Change-Id: I3c717132a42f44aaed6568de6780b1972cbf63d0
5 years ago
David Moreau Simard 4267298140
Add Limestone credentials to *clouds.yaml
We're happy to welcome Limestone as a new infrastructure donor and
add the following cloud configurations:
- openstackci-limestone (control plane)
- openstackzuul-limestone (nodepool/testing nodes)

The proper credentials have been committed to hiera.

Change-Id: Iba7813f9c90a4ac84fd37ebb6556c6a98c03a079
5 years ago
Paul Belanger a21fde83ca
Remove tripleo-test-cloud-rh(1|2) support
We longer have any jobs or need to manage VMs in
tripleo-test-cloud-rh(1|2).  This hardware still eventually be removed
so lets also remove it from our configuration.

Change-Id: I588ae945df15beceaf7a60bf6a65b1615b2074f0
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
5 years ago
Ian Wienand fb88e521c9 Remove openstack-rax cloud
This is not a cloud we have; there are no details in hiera, and never
have been.

Change-Id: I3cbe23b2d26e4cd0adc6534bf79b8d2fa106d483
5 years ago
Paul Belanger 1827200ac5
Remove infracloud-chocolate from clouds.yaml
Currently infracloud controllers are down, as such we no longer are
able to get dynamic inventory from it.  Remove the provider for now
and revert if possible.

Change-Id: I5d2c27de04d7036d49e183cbd3ec3063083da42e
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
5 years ago
Ian Wienand 82732f5efb Add linaro cloud credentials
Linaro has kindly provided us with resources for aarch64 based
testing.  This adds two new providers; openstackci-linaro for control
plane, and openstackzuul-linaro for testing nodes.

Change-Id: I166d9f669ea88663d4ffe70e25a6e908d11cf35f
5 years ago
Paul Belanger 5c78357e9e
Remove infracloud-vanilla from clouds.yaml
The controller for infracloud-vanilla is no longer working, remove
access to it from our services.

Change-Id: Ic2a44f74493d3f328398b67262ae93253714bf67
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
5 years ago
Paul Belanger 7f0e0f17cd
Revert "Remove ovh from clouds.yaml files"
This reverts commit fc88936851.

Change-Id: I0bd6705335f8915cf1e59ffb33c959d634ceedda
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
6 years ago
Paul Belanger fc88936851
Remove ovh from clouds.yaml files
We are getting authentication errors from OVH at the moment, for now
remove them from clouds.yaml so dynamic inventory from ansible works

Change-Id: Ief1613b281cd51863119b7ce8b6e8dda78badb12
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
6 years ago
Ian Wienand cec504851d Remove infra-files-ro and infra-files-rw
These are not valid any more and cause issues when deploying new keys

Change-Id: If10b92e722813a5c0d7d71a58563d08571574c19
6 years ago
Clark Boylan cb51d5b332 Force OVH to use ipv4 in shade
OVH instances are getting ipv6 addresses now. This is great except that
the only info on these addresses seems to be in the nova/neutron api and
not via ipv6 router advertisements or config drive metadata. Until we
sort out a programmatic way to configure ipv6 on the instances at boot
lets not attempt to use ipv6 when connecting to OVH instances.

Change-Id: I48e773b9f29fae9a15f6c95fc64831ab0749cc60
6 years ago
Paul Belanger 3f9d060795
Remove datacentred credentials
We currently are not using these in production, remove them to help
clean up our clouds.yaml files.

Change-Id: I81b4de2fda50b61a17e99c30cfe4ec44c55df343
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
6 years ago
Paul Belanger e9b7e5e9ce
Remove entercloud credentials
Clean up our clouds.yaml files and remove any clouds we are not using
in production.

Change-Id: Ib13f394126d44187d170ebfd976c34087305c835
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
6 years ago
James E. Blair 1b5d1ddb11
Remove internap clouds
This removes remaining references to internap (renamed to inap).

It also updates some items (cacti/nodepool logging) that were missed
in the rename.

Change-Id: Ibafd416e9e55aa458a50eb71922065a35e3d99f4
6 years ago
Clark Boylan d653e7f158 Trust infracloud directly using public cert
Rather than needing to manage /usr/local/share/ca-certificates and keep
the global cert list up to date with update-ca-certificates just
directly trust the appropriate cert when talking to infracloud. This is
how we have done it on nodepool and it is a very simple method for
managing this setup.

Change-Id: I702e30de81f1ef3211caa113616fef0be51f4821
6 years ago
Paul Belanger 1bc4dabc45 Remove internap-nyj01
We don't actually use this region any more, remove it so we don't
attempt to access it with dynamic inventory with ansible.

Change-Id: Ic6d4474a61ee32d198f4d70800fd79b8bd80623f
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
6 years ago
James E. Blair 9b6582d673 Add inap cloud definition
This is a step in the internap -> inap rename.

Change-Id: I24b7a61236a40b4aecb61475930bd74271ba56d6
6 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 45e9393300 Remove OSIC cloud
OSIC has been decommissioned, remove configuration for it.

Change-Id: I18e5f604042740b03273d4506f8e8254e77c3e3e
6 years ago
Jesse Keating 1d41039356 Remove bluebox cloud
This cloud is being decommissioned.

Change-Id: I26b51425d21e3ee86eb36763e1dedfd65e78d2b7
6 years ago
Jenkins b53941517d Merge "Clean up puppetmaster cruft" 6 years ago
Kevin Carter 894fc58c08 Changed the domain name for cloud1.osic.org
Sadly the domain name osic.org has gone away, this change adjusts the
domain name to "cloud1.osic.xyz".

Change-Id: If697dfc9ba005ab8ea0eb54eff5dee21ca27158a
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <kevin.carter@rackspace.com>
6 years ago
Clark Boylan 188e67ff64 Override Bluebox Keystone endpoint for v3
Bluebox keystone v3 api isn't properly discoverable which causes
problems when attempting to perform actions like creating new projects.
Address this by explicitly setting the endpoint location using a config

Change-Id: I57c6a6733ee520fb074c72f0a3e15f7c45468730
6 years ago
Clark Boylan 787c7d7f8d Flip cityclouds projects around
The way we got quotas assigned we need to flip the projects assigned to
users around so that the zuul user gets to run 50 instances per region
and the ci user has just enough to boot the region local mirrors.

Change-Id: I053cf630e513fbb795f8039672a8073a354bf9b6
6 years ago
Jenkins 9fd5ee7784 Merge "Update citycloud to non demo accounts" 6 years ago
Clark Boylan 92eaecc0a3 Update citycloud to non demo accounts
This updates our citycloud clouds.yaml info to non demo accounts. Step
zero into taking citycloud to production.

Change-Id: Id7b1c739fffc7973c27eca6c5066dc3143611cb8
6 years ago
Colleen Murphy 53b0e624e0 Clean up puppetmaster cruft
Now that we are running puppet in masterless mode, we don't need to tell
nodes where the puppetmaster is, or what their certname is, nor do we
need to keep running the puppetmaster in Apache. This patch cleans those
things up.

Change-Id: I663af0d9948f2ce3a47cc22ada47c3bbbbf316fa
6 years ago
Matthew Treinish 3a8869a0f6
Enable ansible callback events on firehose
This commit adds the mqtt ansible callback plugin to the puppetmaster
config so that whenever we run ansible we'll emit events to the
firehose for that.

Change-Id: Id5f10705687c5bb9854d386efd7fed486172f745
6 years ago
Clark Boylan 321e74aca4 Force entercloud to use glance v1
Much testing with v2 results in failures but forcing glance v1 allows
image uploads to succeed in entercloud so use v1.

Change-Id: I5840ace6f7be5a255d8a66369179c847a05cefff
7 years ago
Elizabeth K. Joseph e4b4a97112 Add entercloudsuite cloud
Change-Id: Iea14c9c9a806bf123cdefa6d9bd6bb55ce153ade
7 years ago
Clark Boylan 0cbd479b47 Add citycloud cloud
Change-Id: Ibcaeb3bfdbca8625064ec74dfed486516f4e0279
7 years ago
Elizabeth K. Joseph 2375a04fe4 Add datacentred cloud
Adding this cloud for a demonstration.

Change-Id: If1caa5114d09677386d7feb28a28cef319d35fbc
7 years ago
Jenkins bdb0e8d22e Merge "Add chocolate openstackci oscc to Puppetmaster all-clouds" 7 years ago
Ricardo Carrillo Cruz f6331a0c3f Add chocolate openstackci oscc to Puppetmaster all-clouds
Change-Id: I15fcc9ee4ebb1d8b1896b806761d64fe4da44a1b
7 years ago
Ricardo Carrillo Cruz 1f109a3f6d Add chocolate openstackzuul oscc to Puppetmaster
Change-Id: I23cf740769c9e0473d02ad3453b063277f7ed20f
7 years ago
Ricardo Carrillo Cruz 7117e5594b Add openstackci oscc cloud to Puppetmaster
Change-Id: I66ec5661909e58518b158ee088e10027618b47d1
7 years ago
Ricardo Carrillo Cruz dad0924307 Add chocolate oscc cloud to puppetmaster
Change-Id: If9f698cb449737cd3e098c18ab1daa6646300b85
7 years ago
Paul Belanger a21afdb0b0
Set floating_ip_source: None for infracloud-vanilla
We don't need shade to run NeutronFloatingIPList.

Change-Id: I2171904c4720607c8181c0a149370c6d6cf957ed
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
7 years ago
Jenkins d67fff9028 Merge "Add floating-ip cache expiration time settings" 7 years ago
Paul Belanger cee2b017f0
Add credentials for osic-cloud8
Thanks to OSIC, we now have access to osic-cloud8.  Here we are adding
the required credentials so we can start launching infrastructure on

Change-Id: If278a06c66830e2fd5cb580109eff3884de7a7b8
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
7 years ago
Paul Belanger 3a31dda904
Update osic-cloud1 credential format
Since it is possible to run more then 1 cloud from OSIC, lets expand
our info to reference osic-cloud1.

Change-Id: I3466779f59a0075516a6f2a584f5f3a111e03826
Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <pabelanger@redhat.com>
7 years ago
Jenkins 1d75ea2850 Merge "Add dual stack network config for OSIC" 7 years ago
Monty Taylor ded4457e09
Add floating-ip cache expiration time settings
New shade has the ability to batch list floating ips too. Let's use it.

Change-Id: I6a8fa4bca015a9f4bc917dbcf5af5c66a362ced6
7 years ago