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Jeremy Stanley a421f2ceb6 Switch twine to upload.pypi.org
According to
the correct hostname for warehouse-proxied uploads is now
upload.pypi.org instead of upload.pypi.io, and the latter may
eventually cease functioning.

Change-Id: I9bcff2d9ab2e72f089d44e3bd5689b2db5bdac31
7 years ago
Jeremy Stanley 4b9f5d3805 Switch PyPI uploads to Warehouse
Uploading to Warehouse should be more stable than the old PyPI
upload endpoint.

Change-Id: Ib9d3d2bd02358947433aeb9520eb1bc1088392eb
7 years ago
James E. Blair f52d2eb2b6 Revert "Fixing deprecation warnings"
This reverts commit 82b9b59522.

Change-Id: I746d7ae57802dc76618db9024a0cf94c43774c02
9 years ago
Spencer Krum 82b9b59522 Fixing deprecation warnings
Non instance variable representation is deprecated
so needs to be changed. This change changes varibles
to their instance variable representation.

See more details see:

Change-Id: Ib77827e01011ef6c0380c9ec7a9d147eafd8ce2f
9 years ago
Clark Boylan a3b03e1995 Add missing distutils section to pypirc.
* modules/openstack_project/templates/pypirc.erb: Add missing required
distutils section to pypirc. This will allow twine to properly upload
pypi packages.

Change-Id: I54110695e7652bd79cb8e87c82c82eb2c156948f
10 years ago
Clark Boylan eb2f91421d Use twine to upload python package to pypi.
* modules/jenkins/files/slave_scripts/pypi-extract-metadata.py: Twine
deals with metadata for us, this script is no longer needed.

* modules/jenkins/files/slave_scripts/pypi-upload.sh: Use twine instead
of calculating md5sum ourselves and extracting metadata then uploading
with curl.

* modules/openstack_project/manifests/pypi_slave.pp: Insteall twine
(replaces pkginfo dependency).

* modules/openstack_project/templates/pypirc.erb: Twine can use a pypirc
to determine where and with what credentials to upload pacakges.
Create a .pypirc for twine.

Change-Id: I8a6aaf5d2c77151a60c2c660e1ff8570fc9255ea
10 years ago