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Jeremy Stanley b3650074fa Correct OpenStack Security URL in sites
Our Mailman site templates and similar content contain links to an
old openstack-security page on the foundation-run site which no
longer exists. Correct this to the OpenStack community's security
site, which should be much more stable.

Change-Id: I9577540319c53f76afc40a33b2c5697280397149
2 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 2c0b82e5e8 Update infra-manual location
The infra-manual now lives on docs.opendev.org, update links.

New location is: https://docs.opendev.org/opendev/infra-manual/latest

Change-Id: I7716c68cbff4f3a640d7161f59cfc034a7ccca52
3 years ago
Monty Taylor 43fdea4ac4 Remove bugday from status.o.o
It doesn't seem like this is used anymore. Let's remove it before
we update the rest of this, so that we don't have to, you know,
update abandoned things.

Change-Id: I1c3708021046a428da82eaa843961091915ba4af
4 years ago
Andreas Jaeger a6a046e6ae Update status.o.o footer
Use same links as on www.o.o and docs.o.o.

Change-Id: I475b3a4582e4349d94e0a1169bb07cb855d071e9
6 years ago
Clark Boylan 87d00c5603 Use https where possible for status site things
OpenStack docs and www.openstack.org css resources are all hosted over
https now. Avoid hitting redirects and point directly at the current
source urls.

Change-Id: Ic8d2195983016c8140025bafb46e78fa6d5bfff5
6 years ago
Tim Buckley 6925f865b4 Fix tab name indices in status template
When the extra OpenStack Health link was removed in
I293e326e45e1939dc57556d1477434cd1cfb56a2, the indices for the
'tabsName' array were not updated to reflect the change causing all
links after 'Rechecks' to be off by one. This patch restores the
correct index order to fix the issue.

Change-Id: I4eea976c3fb1a0b9b75d38ba5895b7d5fa5b0de3
7 years ago
Elizabeth K. Joseph d46972e4cf Remove QA health link from status page
In I9f61c4bb1f5634df0b0da909466b4c1b1b149ba5 when the Release link
was removed, a QA health link was added.

However, I57825f7e04bbdb405f7a1e67e4639d6afd7f3c5c is actually the
preferred change to this, which has the wording "OpenStack-Health"
instead.  Matthew Treinish left a comment saying so when I tried
to revert it in Ia9355c3f4206ba089c19a51556bb5321e9df9b6b

Change-Id: I293e326e45e1939dc57556d1477434cd1cfb56a2
7 years ago
Glauco Oliveira 91e6200de1 Update common.js to include OpenStack-Health
This commit includes an entry for OpenStack-Health on the header, as
well fixes a few minor lint issues found during the process.

Change-Id: I57825f7e04bbdb405f7a1e67e4639d6afd7f3c5c
8 years ago
Thierry Carrez 1394a91500 Discontinue Release status page
The release status page no longer makes sense and is discontinued
starting with the Mitaka cycle. Temporary ensure that directories
and user/group are cleaned up.

Replace its entry in the status header by a (currently missing)
openstack-health entry.

Change-Id: I9f61c4bb1f5634df0b0da909466b4c1b1b149ba5
8 years ago
Yolanda Robla ae2c27f203 Add configurable url for OpenStack status
Add the ability to set a configurable base status
url and reuse it on status links.

Change-Id: I326904dc4de24c9c7c01269b8e687ea928b43c5a
8 years ago