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Ian Wienand ccf00b7673 Base work for exporting encrypted logs
Our production jobs currently only put their logging locally on the
bastion host.  This means that to help maintain a production system,
you effectively need full access to the bastion host to debug any

We've long discussed publishing these Ansible runs as public logs, or
via a reporting system (ARA, etc.) but, despite our best efforts at
no_log and similar, we are not 100% sure that secret values may not

This is the infrastructure for an in-between solution, where we
publish the production run logs encrypted to specific GPG public keys.

Here we are capturing and encrypting the logs of the
system-config-run-* jobs, and providing a small download script to
automatically grab and unencrypt the log files.  Obviously this is
just to exercise the encryption/log-download path for these jobs, as
the logs are public.

Once this has landed, I will propose similar for the production jobs
(because these are post-pipeline this takes a bit more fiddling and
doens't run in CI).  The variables will be setup in such a way that if
someone wishes to help maintain a production system, they can add
their public-key and then add themselves to the particular
infra-prod-* job they wish to view the logs for.

It is planned that the extant operators will be in the default list;
however this is still useful over the status quo -- instead of having
to search through the log history on the bastion host when debugging a
failed run, they can simply view the logs from the failing build in
Zuul directly.

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2022-02-16 16:39:42 +11:00