4 Commits (fa0c1b495c02515b409f24406e4dde4f6e6ef824)

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Jeremy Stanley fa0c1b495c Generate HTTPS certs for Mailman sites 8 months ago
Jeremy Stanley 196b081159 Add "mailman" meta-list to lists.katacontainers.io 8 months ago
Clark Boylan 4c4e27cb3a Ansible mailman configs 1 year ago
Monty Taylor 83ced7f6e6 Split inventory into multiple dirs and move hostvars 2 years ago
Monty Taylor bab6fcad3c
Remove base.yaml things from openstack_project::server 4 years ago
James E. Blair 40c6e6d7ad Template all exim routers 4 years ago
Monty Taylor 4cca3f8d2a
Add lists exim config to ansible 4 years ago