System configuration for the OpenDev Collaboratory
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Configure a host to be backed up

This role setups a host to use borgp for backup to any hosts in the borg-backup-server group.

A separate ssh key will be generated for root to connect to the backup server(s) and the host key for the backup servers will be accepted to the host.

The borg tool is installed and a cron job is setup to run the backup periodically.

Note the borg-backup-server role must run after this to create the user correctly on the backup server. This role sets a tuple borg_user with the username and public key; the borg-backup-server role uses this variable for each host in the borg-backup group to initalise users.

Hosts can place into /etc/borg-streams which should be a script that outputs to stdout data to be fed into a backup archive on each run. This will be saved to an archive with the name of the file. This is useful for raw database dumps which allow borg to deduplicate as much as possible.

Role Variables