System configuration for OpenStack Infrastructure
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Ian Wienand 97c4735129 Move afsmon to 5 days ago
.. master-nameserver: Add unmanaged domains; add 10 months ago backup: minor fixes 6 months ago base-server: disable install of suggests and recommends packages 6 months ago Disable cloud launcher cron job during CI 7 months ago Add system-config-run-eavesdrop 1 year ago Add 1 week ago Collect gitea sshd logs 6 months ago Add haproxy-statsd to haproxy server 8 months ago letsencrypt: use a fake CA for self-signed testing certs 9 months ago Move afsmon to 5 days ago Create opendev mirrors 9 months ago Configure .kube/config on bridge 1 year ago Configure opendev nameservers using ansible 1 year ago Run a docker registry for CI 1 year ago Add tarballs.<openstack|opendev>.org to 1 week ago Run zuul-preview 11 months ago