System configuration for OpenStack Infrastructure
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Sorin Sbarnea b6311b5498 Switch to use python3 1 month ago
atc Rename to 1 year ago
fake-ansible/library Return goaccess html as zuul artifact 4 months ago
invite2summit Use foundation member IDs in invitations list 2 years ago
phabricator Re-home migrate-to-phab.sql 4 years ago Remove newlines in afs server params variable 10 months ago Add ansible runtime script 1 year ago Remove global variables from manifest/site.pp 2 months ago Get rid of all-clouds.yaml 3 months ago Get rid of all-clouds.yaml 3 months ago Run k8s-on-openstack to manage k8s control plane 1 year ago Add simple script to help debug shade image uploads 4 years ago Commit transaction in delete-gerrit-spam 4 years ago
downgrade-gerrit-10-8.sql Add script to downgrade gerrit from 2.10 4 years ago Add a script to generate the static inventory 1 year ago Rename to 1 year ago
gerrit-rollback-2.10-2.8.sql Add SQL file for emergency rollback 5 years ago
gerrit-rollback-2.11-2.8.sql Add rollback script for 2.11 4 years ago Add tool to analyze check and gate success rates 11 months ago Add helper script to delete Gerrit groups 4 years ago Add script to automate GitHub organization transfers 1 year ago Update hieraedit for python3 1 year ago Several updates because the world is a dark place 8 months ago Use SafeLoader in irc_checks 3 months ago
jenkins-job.xml Add a script to test the Jenkins API. 7 years ago Use project-config from zuul instead of direct clones 2 months ago Fix logstash filter location 1 year ago
lp_openid_lookup Rename to 1 year ago Update groups maint script 4 years ago Add utility for inspecting puppet module versions 5 years ago
opendev-migrate Add opendev migration repo rename scripts 1 year ago
opendev-patching Add opendev migration repo rename scripts 1 year ago Add tool to parse puppet reports 6 years ago Switch to use python3 3 weeks ago Fix URLs after OpenDev rename 3 months ago Dump hiera values properly in remap 4 years ago Cleanup bashate errors to make them easier to understand 1 year ago tools/ : make python3 safe 2 years ago Split inventory into multiple dirs and move hostvars 1 month ago Add a tool to update gerrit groups 5 years ago Rename to 1 year ago