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Ian Wienand 961bab63d9
Remove old debian-ceph mirrors
2 years ago
distributions.apt-puppetlabs.erb Mirror puppet5 for Ubuntu Bionic 5 years ago
distributions.debian-ceph-nautilus.erb Mirror Ceph Nautilus for Debian based 3 years ago
distributions.debian-ceph-octopus.erb Add ceph octopus mirrors 3 years ago
distributions.debian-docker.erb Add arm64 to debian-docker mirroring 3 years ago
distributions.debian-openstack.erb Add jessie-newton-backports repo 7 years ago
distributions.debian-security.erb More minor debian-security mirror fixes 5 years ago
distributions.debian.erb Further split Debian and Ubuntu reprepro configs 3 years ago
distributions.ubuntu-cloud-archive.erb reprepro: sync arm64 packages from Ubuntu cloud archive 3 years ago
distributions.ubuntu-ports.erb Add ARM64 Ubuntu mirror 5 years ago
distributions.ubuntu.erb Add source to ubuntu mirror distributions 7 years ago
options.erb Increase verbosity for reprepro command 7 years ago