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Ian Wienand 855efc9010 Enable mirroring of 9-stream
This is a re-implementation of
I195ebee548071b0b89bd5bf64b251595271178ca that puts 9-stream in a
separate AFS volume

(Note the automated volume name "mirror.centos-stream" comes just
short of the limit)

Change-Id: I483c2982a6931e7d6fc97ab82f7750b72d2ef265
2 years ago
gerrit gerrit: update theme to javascript plugin 2 years ago
infra-puppet-apply Use ensure-virtualenv in legacy puppet jobs 3 years ago
infra-puppet-beaker-rspec Convert ssh keys for ruby net-ssh if necessary 3 years ago
templates Enable mirroring of 9-stream 2 years ago
run-base-post.yaml Add ARA artifact 2 years ago
run-base-pre.yaml Stop using backend hostname in zuul testinfra tests 3 years ago
run-base.yaml Switch test gerrit hostname to 2 years ago
run-production-playbook.yaml Continue to add_host here even though we do it in base-jobs 3 years ago
test_gerrit_renames.yaml Improve repo rename functional testing 2 years ago
test_gitea_renames.yaml Improve repo rename functional testing 2 years ago
upgrade-review.yaml Merge "Test upgrade from Gerrit 3.3 to 3.4" 2 years ago