System configuration for the OpenDev Collaboratory
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Ian Wienand 3bafd2c691 Generate nodepool logging configuration
Generate a logging configuration template for nodepool that splits
image-build logs out into separate files.

A tool to generate and maintain this file based on the nodepool
configuration is added.

The logging configuration template this tool creates is added
alongside the main configuration.  This is passed to the deployment
puppet module via a parameter.

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Puppet Modules

These are a set of puppet manifests and modules that are currently being used to manage the OpenStack Project infrastructure.

The main entry point is in manifests/site.pp.

In general, most of the modules here are designed to be able to be run either in agent or apply mode.

These puppet modules require puppet 2.7 or greater. Additionally, the site.pp manifest assumes the existence of hiera.

See for more information.


The documentation presented at comes from git:// repo's docs/source. To build the documentation use

$ tox -evenv python build_sphinx