System configuration for the OpenDev Collaboratory
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Colleen Murphy b54344129d Fix template variables
We almost never define $serveraliases which means that it's always going
to be empty. Puppet 4 is more strict about types and converting undef to
nil so this change makes sure that an undefined variable doesn't
accidentally get evaluated as existing and cause an invalid apache

In the places where we're already just comparing @serveraliases to nil,
just leave them alone. Nil should be the expected value for undefined
variables going forward in puppet 4, so as long as it's working in
puppet 3 let's keep it.

Change-Id: I68ea8e1fde5d422f821453ff618d827e3cbe1c43
5 years ago
doc/source Merge "Document an example for deleting content from AFS" 5 years ago
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launch Finish switching to using new ansible inventory 5 years ago
manifests Don't use snakeoil files with real certs 5 years ago
modules/openstack_project Fix template variables 5 years ago
playbooks Merge "Add support for turning on the future parser" 5 years ago
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roles.yaml Consume renamed ansible-role-puppet 7 years ago Add playbook to upgrade puppet 5 years ago Add baremetal hpuswest node definition 7 years ago Pass -i /dev/null to cloud launcher 5 years ago Split infracloud baremetal into separate playbook run 6 years ago Clean up bashate failures 9 years ago
setup.cfg Replace ci.o.o links with docs.o.o/infra 8 years ago Update to sphinx 1.5 6 years ago
start_all_zuul.yaml Remove zuul-launcher support 6 years ago
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Puppet Modules

These are a set of puppet manifests and modules that are currently being used to manage the OpenStack Project infrastructure.

The main entry point is in manifests/site.pp.

In general, most of the modules here are designed to be able to be run either in agent or apply mode.

These puppet modules require puppet 2.7 or greater. Additionally, the site.pp manifest assumes the existence of hiera.

See for more information.


The documentation presented at comes from git:// repo's docs/source. To build the documentation use

$ tox -evenv python build_sphinx