Add GET test results and add report page output

A GET handler was added for retrieving test results with URL of the
form: /v1/results/{test_id}.
The report page can now be used to view results. It should be accessed
with URL of the form: /output.html?test_id={test_id}. This is just to
keep it simple for now.

Change-Id: I28e9ebf74cc7a6dad360232840b49c6aae27dab0
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Paul Van Eck 2015-01-19 13:23:38 -08:00
parent 50b0ed30da
commit 3ea790fbde
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@ -29,6 +29,18 @@ var capitaliseFirstLetter = function (string) {
return string.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + string.slice(1);
// Get the value of a GET variable in the URL.
var getUrlParam = function(variable) {
var searchString =;
var searchVariables = searchString.split('&');
for (var i = 0; i < searchVariables.length; i++) {
var getVar = searchVariables[i].split('=');
if (getVar[0] == variable) {
return getVar[1];
// Function searches for test with specified test_id on github and opens result in new window
var get_code_url = function (test_id) {
var id = test_id.split('/').join('.'),