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version: 0.1.0
- category: starts-from
description: >
What needs to happen before the deployment tool takes over.
- name: bare-metal
desc: Starts from scratch
- name: os-installed
desc: Needs a base operating system
- name: env-bootstrap
desc: Needs basic environment bootstrap (e.g. Docker, Puppet agent...)
- name: kubernetes-cluster
desc: Needs a full Kubernetes cluster available
- category: technology
description: >
What base technologies the deployment tool is using.
# Packaging technologies
- name: deb-packages
desc: Makes use of Debian-style packaging
- name: rpm-packages
desc: Makes use of RPM-style packaging
- name: oci-containers
desc: Makes use of OCI containers
- name: source-tarballs
desc: Works directly from upstream-released source code tarballs
- name: git
desc: Works directly from git source code repositories
# Base distribution
- name: redhat-centos
desc: Based on RedHat Enterprise Linux or CentOS
- name: fedora
desc: Based on Fedora
- name: sles-opensuse
desc: Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or OpenSUSE
- name: debian
desc: Based on Debian GNU/Linux
- name: ubuntu
desc: Based on Ubuntu Server
- name: oraclelinux
desc: Based on Oracle Linux
# Configuration management and orchestration technologies
- name: puppet
desc: Makes use of Puppet configuration management
- name: chef
desc: Makes use of Chef configuration management
- name: ansible
desc: Makes use of Ansible for configuration management
- name: juju
desc: Makes use of Juju for orchestration
- name: helm
desc: Makes use of Kubernetes Helm for orchestration
- name: kubernetes
desc: Makes use of Kubernetes for orchestration
- name: heat
desc: Uses OpenStack Heat for orchestration
- category: components
description: >
Components of OpenStack supported by the deployment tool (latest version)
# Base services being deployed
- name: message-queue
desc: Deploys the OpenStack message queue (RabbitMQ...)
- name: database
desc: Deploys the OpenStack database (MySQL...)
- name: secrets-storage
desc: Deploys a Castellan-compatible secrets storage solution
- name: etcd
desc: Deploys etcd to enable advanced coordination capabilities
- name: cache
desc: Deploys a caching solution for Keystone (memcached...)
# OpenStack services
- name: keystone
- name: placement
- name: glance
- name: barbican
- name: neutron
- name: octavia
- name: designate
- name: ironic
- name: cyborg
- name: swift
- name: cinder
- name: manila
- name: nova
- name: zun
- name: magnum
- name: trove
- name: sahara
- name: murano
- name: freezer
- name: solum
- name: masakari
- name: heat
- name: mistral
- name: senlin
- name: zaqar
- name: aodh
- name: blazar
- name: horizon
- name: ec2api
- name: ceilometer
- name: monasca
- name: panko
- name: watcher
- name: vitrage
- name: rally
- name: adjutant
- name: cloudkitty
- category: upgrade
description: >
What is the main supported (tested) upgrade path when using this
deployment tool.
# Control plane downtime
- name: offline
desc: Upgrade is done offline, control plane is down during upgrade.
- name: online
desc: Upgrade is done online, control plane is up during upgrade.
# Upgrade methodology
- name: per-version
desc: Need to bring each new version online before upgrading the next
- name: fast-forward
desc: Each upgrade is done separately but no need to bring it online
- name: skip-level
desc: Direct x to z version upgrade, no need for intermediary steps
- category: features
description: >
Specific features of the deployment tools
- name: offline-installation
desc: No need for an Internet connection during installation or upgrade
- name: supports-heterogeneous-versions
desc: Supports running heterogeneous versions of OpenStack components
- name: encrypted-local-comms
desc: Management plane uses encrypted communications between components
- name: all-in-one
desc: Supports installing all components on a single machine
- name: nova-cells
desc: Supports deploying multiple Nova cells