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How to Contribute
python-tempestconf source code is publicly available. You can contribute code
to individual projects, documentation, report bugs and vulnerabilities and
request features.
Reporting Bugs
We have a `storyboard project <!/project/912>`_
created to track any change required for python-tempest. If you have found any
bug, please, report it `there <!/project/912>`_.
**Important** information **to mention**:
* **System** on which the problem occured (e.g. CentosOS, Ubuntu, ...)
* The source of python-tempestconf you have used. The **package version number**
in case of RPM or the **branch used** in case of installation from git.
* The **exact command** with all arguments you have used.
* It's always better to include the **console output** as well.
Requesting Features
Create a story with a task for our
`project <!/project/912>`_ containing all the
relevant information, mainly:
* **description** of the feature
* **inputs** (new CLI option, ...) and **outputs** (desired configuration in
tempest.conf) of the feature
* the **reason why** it should be implemented
Fixing bugs
1. If you have found a bug and you know how to fix it, please, check our
`storyboard project <!/project/912>`_ for any
stories which may relate to the issue. If you haven't find any related
story, please, create one. Check `Reporting Bugs`_.
2. Follow `Contributing Code`_ and submit a code review in
Contributing Code
Like any other project part of OpenStack, the development of python-tempestconf
follows the OpenStack guidelines for contribution.
Learn `how to contribute into OpenStack <>`_.
If you have made any changes in the source code, **run tests locally before
posting a review**. You can do so by running tox.
If you've made any changes in the documentation (under `doc/`) run::
$ tox -edocs
If you've made any changes in the source code run unit tests as follows::
$ tox -epy27
and **pep8** check like following::
$ tox -epep8
If you've written also a releasenote, make sure the syntax is correct by
$ tox -ereleasenotes
If you've made any changes which are related to a task in a story in our
`storyboard project <!/project/912>`_, please,
**include a story and task number in the commit message**.