18 Commits (master)

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Martin Kopec 10dc42b305 Inclusive jargon 11 months ago
Martin Kopec a7570a439d Fix a typo in a role var 10 months ago
Martin Kopec ed3815b4f9 Remove OS_AUTH_URL workaround 1 year ago
Martin Kopec e93f9ff2b9 Fix packstack jobs and improve playbook's style 1 year ago
Amol Kahat 5985479ecf
Added virtualenv and tox installation 1 year ago
Chandan Kumar (raukadah) ca28815acc Collect openstack services logs after tempest run 2 years ago
Martin Kopec 1d51de57d3 Add a job for tempest plugins 3 years ago
OpenDev Sysadmins 4c66f5cf82 OpenDev Migration Patch 3 years ago
Martin Kopec 310fd11709 Fix no _member_ role found 3 years ago
Martin Kopec c6ec0bdc79 Don't expose credentials 3 years ago
Arx Cruz 6f471b6dd5 Switch ansible module command with copy 3 years ago
Arx Cruz 44a6513e5f Collecting tempest files 4 years ago
Martin Kopec 7b2c156d52 Fix operator_role value for account-generator 4 years ago
Chandan Kumar 34f030b5a2 Use --non-admin for non admin users in zuul jobs 4 years ago
Martin Kopec 73cbf531f5 Roles for managing clouds.yaml file 4 years ago
Luigi Toscano 96d36bea1e zuul: fix the parent of the packstack jobs, concurrency 4 years ago
Martin Kopec b252dbc094 Add initial .zuul file, devstack and packstack job 4 years ago