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Martin Kopec c6ec0bdc79 Don't expose credentials
Don't expose credentials to tempest.conf when
--create-test-accounts is used.

When generating tempest.conf with demo creds, use
--create-accounts-file argument so that the argument
is tested in the gates.
The argument is used only on Devstack.

Tempest concurrency of devstack demo job is reduced to 1
because the minimal accounts file is used.

Change-Id: Id5c90810666d783cf3939086ef27149ef53277f8
Story: 2003016
Task: 23036
5 years ago
Martin Kopec 243ab6cb47 Generate accounts.yaml
Generate accounts.yaml file when create_accounts_file
is specified and test_accounts is not.

Story: 2001693
Task: 8685

Change-Id: I7ed8390b29a430d97e1846f8f868f5b6af8eb02b
5 years ago