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Martin Kopec 1bd20dca53 Replace tenant by project, part 2
Story: 2002116
Task: 20023
Change-Id: I465fe96120ed5609c2747b587963d2e5f57b55be
5 years ago
Chandan Kumar f5bfc21351 Use healthcheck api to determine swift service
* Added check_service_status to determine the service
  availability and later on it will be used for all services.

* Removed hardcoded values for swift services
* As swift was disabled earlier, SwiftOperator was not getting used
  and it is not present in the CI Job, let's use member role for
  the same.
* Set operator_role default to admin if admin credential is available
  otherwise, set operator_role to ResellerAdmin
* Do not fail if a conflict exist in roles names

Story: 2001253
Task: 5783

Co-Authored-By: Arx Cruz <>
Closes-Bug: 1776729
Change-Id: Ie1e9d8e98fde460f9270c2799f971ea017d10d84
5 years ago
Martin Kopec 4912283b03 Remove admin_* from identity section
Since Tempest 12 following values are removed from
identity section:
 - admin_username
 - admin_password
 - admin_project_name
The values were moved to auth section.

Change-Id: Ia98c9449b3fdc7aae40d204f0e2da44f987a5f9d
5 years ago
Martin Kopec 283de20574 Replace tenant by project, part 1
Replace use of tenant when it's setting to or reading from
tempest.conf (conf object).
The change is needed for correct reading of that value in
dependent patches - need to count on that it's project not
tenant anymore.

Change-Id: Ic2987ce322a0cd4a92d35b06a86aec95226f981e
Story: 2002116
Task: 19795
5 years ago
Zuul 1e3caa063c Merge "Enhancements in nova support" 5 years ago
Arx Cruz 9be036cf1f Enhancements in nova support
This patch add the discover of nova following options:
* compute-feature-enabled.attach_encrypted_volume

Also add the defaults to the following to true:
* compute-feature-enabled.console_output
* compute-feature-enabled.resize

Change-Id: I96f140de50d5cfaeaab06e1e4d15e427c50b215b
5 years ago
Zuul bc17fffac7 Merge "Use volume v3 service client as the default" 5 years ago
Martin Kopec f69b775b0a Add missing params' description
Change-Id: I8f5ea1f10bda780f6530d9323dd00611fee83999
5 years ago
Martin Kopec 6d4b09fd3e Use volume v3 service client as the default
Change-Id: I2004e737a9bdca74d3cf619cebe8b4a4d6db21d1
Story: 2001784
Task: 12497
Task: 19693
5 years ago
Martin Kopec 0e085cdf85 Refactor to improve modularity, scalability, OOP
* each service class was moved to a new file
* Service and VersionedService were moved from api_discovery to
* is removed and methods for discovery were moved to a newly
  created class Services - class holds methods related to instantiating
  services, discovering their versions and extensions, configuring them
* constants were moved to an independent file -

Change-Id: I00880f4bd30cc4d1609c20aecca820854312b1e7
5 years ago
Martin Kopec e397415132 Split ClientManager
* ClientManager and ProjectsClient class were moved to
* tests related to ClientManager class were moved to
* Credentials and auth_provider were decoupled from ClientManager and moved
  to into a Credentials class - credentials are now accessible
  from everywhere and can be reused.

Change-Id: I7251d6353a91f4bbd7b9b7839ad36bb946b660c8
5 years ago