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Martin Kopec d376c37fd6 Add unit test for profile feature
The patch adds a new unit test for profile feature.
The patch also converts all overrides values read from
profile.yaml to string as this is the data type of overrides.

Change-Id: I795b9b900b6274e689ba64b9721fb63e49696dea
4 years ago
Martin Kopec af57dd6719 Add profile argument
The patch implements --profile argument, which defines a path to
a profile.yaml file - a file which contains python-tempestconf
arguments and their values.
Also --generate-profile argument is introduced. A user can generate
a sample profile.yaml file using this argument. The sample contains
definitions of all python-tempestconf arguments set to their default

Story: 2004503
Task: 28225

Change-Id: I80848d8ef9868ed3975b938d61880753eadc5ae9
5 years ago