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Chandan Kumar 7c355f403e Fixed SafeConfigParser deprecation warning for py3
Using six.PY3 as configparser.SafeConfigParser in py2 got
renamed to configparser.ConfigParser in py3. In order to
keep the codebase running on both version, we are using

Change-Id: I78471e3d0962cda610c22641787d80103eb413b0
4 years ago
Martin Kopec 3a4c6c7f6f Add argument which allows users to add extensions
--append argument appends a value or values to the specified
section.key pair. It may be helpful in cases when a user wants
to add custom extensions to tempest.conf in an automated job.

Change-Id: I116f4456823913f21b5f8f01ff2b14d42ec67dc2
Story: 2004429
Task: 28088
5 years ago
Luigi Toscano cdbc98572d More compatibility with Python 3
- use the six version of configparser and urllib, and depends on six;
- remove relative imports;
- adapt few tests to the changes.

The changes above should be noop from the point of view of
functionalities, at least on python 2.

And also:
- replace the py34 tox virtualenv with py35;
- add a non-voting py35 job (locally for now, it will be enabled
  to project-config also for gating when stable).

Story: 2002574
Task: 22142
Change-Id: I0a35abaae6f5b7095ebae765fbe2163046e0a4da
5 years ago
Martin Kopec ed5163e729 Don't expose user credentials
When --test-accounts is used, don't print any user credentials
to a tempest.conf file.

Change-Id: Ic7977ed9e0e03d04aca446407b22a9a73c2dca98
5 years ago
Martin Kopec f69b775b0a Add missing params' description
Change-Id: I8f5ea1f10bda780f6530d9323dd00611fee83999
5 years ago
Martin Kopec 0e085cdf85 Refactor to improve modularity, scalability, OOP
* each service class was moved to a new file
* Service and VersionedService were moved from api_discovery to
* is removed and methods for discovery were moved to a newly
  created class Services - class holds methods related to instantiating
  services, discovering their versions and extensions, configuring them
* constants were moved to an independent file -

Change-Id: I00880f4bd30cc4d1609c20aecca820854312b1e7
5 years ago
Martin Kopec e397415132 Split ClientManager
* ClientManager and ProjectsClient class were moved to
* tests related to ClientManager class were moved to
* Credentials and auth_provider were decoupled from ClientManager and moved
  to into a Credentials class - credentials are now accessible
  from everywhere and can be reused.

Change-Id: I7251d6353a91f4bbd7b9b7839ad36bb946b660c8
5 years ago
Martin Kopec 026269dcc1 Decouple TempestConf class
* was renamed to - entrypoint for console-script
  (discover-tempest-config) was changed too
* TempestConf class was decoupled from and moved to
  file. Imports of related tests were edited and the order of imports in each
  file was changed so that other dependencies are first followed by a blank
  space and then local dependencies are listed.
* tests related to TempestConf class were moved to file

Change-Id: Idb235b969ba3c1e320aa3efa7fe77b5c59f4ffc6
5 years ago