Automatic Tempest Configuration Generator
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Zuul 4f4774d4e4 Merge "Remove deprecated volume API config options" 2 years ago
.placeholder Initial Cookiecutter Commit. 6 years ago
Add-argument-for-converting-images-b3ea78ce1faf9df6.yaml Add option for converting images 4 years ago
Add-argument-which-allows-users-to-add-extensions-f7b82af27d603c18.yaml Add argument which allows users to add extensions 4 years ago
Add-heat-plugin-support-539c28e2b4376224.yaml Add heat_plugin support 4 years ago
Add-profile-argument-70bfa9606826ff81.yaml Add profile argument 4 years ago
Add-retry-when-downloading-file-1ba9f2b03b6ef258.yaml Add a retry when downloading a file 3 years ago
Do-not-expose-user-credentials-1ffba4d72798b5c9.yaml Don't expose user credentials 4 years ago
Generate-accounts.yaml-6d929b3e78298579.yaml Generate accounts.yaml 4 years ago
Improve-SSL-configuration-16f0f06a6ade3a3d.yaml Fix and improve SSL configuration 2 years ago
Load-deployer-input-file-automatically-1dd7c816854a18a7.yaml Load deployer input file automatically 4 years ago
Remove-default-overrides.conf-9ad55f5ef953ab06.yaml Remove the content of default-overrides.conf 4 years ago
Remove-options-prefixed-by-admin_-from-tempest.conf-f038f679b40daaea.yaml Remove admin_* from identity section 4 years ago
Rename-the-section-for--boto-options-f3552516219d70fa.yaml Fix section of s3_url and ec2_url 3 years ago
Replace-os_client_config-module-by-openstacksdk-4a52d8c953d92a41.yaml Replace os-client-config module by openstacksdk 3 years ago
add-os_client_config_support-dd093b137edd8c91.yaml Add os-client-config support 6 years ago
add-support-for-admin-parameter-moving-to-auth-a0873bb19ea8428b.yaml Add support for admin parameters moving to auth 5 years ago
add-volume-api-microversion-e467aa570acf79d2.yaml Add support for volume api microversion 4 years ago
add_octavia-2ffffc95bca6176b.yaml Configure tempest for Octavia tests 4 years ago
add_unit_tests-0b6f43f7c7662703.yaml Add unit tests 6 years ago
allow-non-admin-user-upload-image-f2274cdec154a76b.yaml Allow non admin users to upload image to glance 4 years ago
basic-default-config-06cf8e66e23d694f.yaml Load basic default config 4 years ago
default_endpoint_type-792092b7027768ae.yaml Switch endpoint_type to publicURL 5 years ago
deprecate-compute-feature-enabled-api_extensions-df602e3835a47816.yaml Deprecate api_extensions of compute service 3 years ago
discover-barbican-service-f211c170f58735e3.yaml Discover Barbican service 3 years ago
discover-designate-service-238e4191c7251cd7.yaml Discover Designate service 3 years ago
discover-placement-service-bbd6522424e4eee4.yaml Add placement service versions discovery 2 years ago
drop-py2-7-5f618ce22079b071.yaml Fix the python 3 support and drop python 2 and 3.5 3 years ago
enable-manila-in-config-script-16fa079d3d70e922.yaml Enable configuration of manila service 6 years ago
image_ssh_user-option-in-validation-section-7cd0a6f44a8fdc1f.yaml Replace URLs with URLs 3 years ago
nova-improvements-5a0600f022ab797c.yaml Enhancements in nova support 4 years ago
remove-configuration-values-from-cli-c5c8eb496e1ed3d7.yaml Add ability to remove any option from tempest.conf 6 years ago
remove-deprecated-volume-config-options-a7b30be51c77ac7b.yaml Remove deprecated volume API config options 2 years ago
remove-network-extension-2baca1416c8103a7.yaml Added network.remove-extension option 6 years ago
remove-nova-network-support-79e70a0590a638c9.yaml Remove support of nova-network 3 years ago
replace-tenant-by-project,-part-1-638068c6c5c5ef9c.yaml Replace tenant by project, part 2 4 years ago
replace-tenant-isolation-with-dynamic-creds-e79e46c03851ff1c.yaml Add new parameter in place of deprecated one 5 years ago
start-using-reno-68d4822192825827.yaml Start using reno for release notes 6 years ago
unique-demo-user-name-fd9428a2d8efdc82.yaml Make name of the demo user unique 2 years ago
use-healthcheck-api-for-swift-e84cbb999be4ec3d.yaml Use healthcheck api to determine swift service 4 years ago