Chandan Kumar f5bfc21351 Use healthcheck api to determine swift service
* Added check_service_status to determine the service
  availability and later on it will be used for all services.

* Removed hardcoded values for swift services
* As swift was disabled earlier, SwiftOperator was not getting used
  and it is not present in the CI Job, let's use member role for
  the same.
* Set operator_role default to admin if admin credential is available
  otherwise, set operator_role to ResellerAdmin
* Do not fail if a conflict exist in roles names

Story: 2001253
Task: 5783

Co-Authored-By: Arx Cruz <>
Closes-Bug: 1776729
Change-Id: Ie1e9d8e98fde460f9270c2799f971ea017d10d84
2018-06-21 11:32:35 +02:00
default-overrides.conf Use healthcheck api to determine swift service 2018-06-21 11:32:35 +02:00