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Object Storage API

This repository contains the RESTful API information for the OpenStack Object Storage Service, also known as Swift. The Swift project provides services for object storage and retrieval as well as assigning metadata.


Apache Maven must be installed to build the documentation.

To install Maven 3 for Ubuntu 12.04 and later,and Debian wheezy and later:

apt-get install maven

On Fedora 15 and later:

yum install maven3


The manual is in the openstack-object-storage-dev directory.

To build a specific guide, look for a pom.xml file within a subdirectory, then run the mvn command in that directory. For example:

cd openstack-object-storage-dev
mvn clean generate-sources

The generated PDF documentation file is:


The root of the generated HTML documentation is:


Testing of changes and building of the manual

Install the python tox package and run tox from the top-level directory to use the same tests that are done as part of our Jenkins gating jobs.

If you like to run individual tests, run:

  • tox -e checkniceness - to run the niceness tests
  • tox -e checksyntax - to run syntax checks
  • tox -e checkdeletions - to check that no deleted files are referenced
  • tox -e checkbuild - to actually build the manual

tox will use the openstack-doc-tools package for execution of these tests. openstack-doc-tools has a requirement on maven for the build check.


Our community welcomes all people interested in open source cloud computing, and there are no formal membership requirements. The best way to join the community is to talk with others online or at a meetup and offer contributions through Launchpad, the OpenStack wiki, or blogs. We welcome all types of contributions, from blueprint designs to documentation to testing to deployment scripts.


Refer to http://swift.openstack.org to learn more about installing an OpenStack Object Storage server that can respond to these API commands.