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  OpenDev Sysadmins 3d9f2a042c OpenDev Migration Patch 1 day ago
  Adrian Turjak 64b7a8c58f Get rid of iteritems in favor of items 3 months ago
  Akihiro Motoki baeb8879a2 Drop nose dependencies 8 months ago
  Zuul 8f8022d3b8 Merge "Fixes to match Horizon Rocky" 11 months ago
  Adrian Turjak bb878a3f33 Fixes to match Horizon Rocky 11 months ago
  Zuul c4dd4c47b0 Merge "Fix key error with unknown service in size" 11 months ago
  Adrian Turjak 4396ad3c87 Fix key error with unknown service in size 11 months ago
  Zuul f5ec379fc4 Merge "Fix horizon install" 11 months ago
  Adrian Turjak 479618c775 rename project users internal column name 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger ccbbff0f8e Fix horizon install 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger 70a73acdec Set up .gitreview 1 year ago
  Adrian Turjak ad31c8c398 Remove useless manifest file 1 year ago
  Adrian Turjak d93485a8a3 Use include_usage param in adjutant quota get view 1 year ago
  Adrian Turjak 379709c979 Clean up service and role translations 1 year ago
  Adrian Turjak 0c836b1cac rename request date for notifications correctly 1 year ago
  Amelia Cordwell 0f170a9a32 Add Notification Panel 1 year ago
  Adrian Turjak d6c7521925 fix a divide by zero bug 1 year ago
  Jonathan Herlin 5d6427d44e "Management" had a spelling error, this commit adds the missing character. 1 year ago
  Adrian Turjak 6620e0c8f0 quota panel fixes 1 year ago
  Amelia Cordwell 519c30d185 Quota Update Panel 2 years ago
  Amelia Cordwell 502e6db24d Logout_status instead of logout_reason_class 1 year ago
  Amelia Cordwell b752f12121 Fixes for Django 1.10 compatabililty 1 year ago
  adrian-turjak 8ef5ca240a Fix a template rename issue with signup templates 1 year ago
  adrian-turjak d7a8631176 Remove Catalyst specific line from templates. 1 year ago
  adrian-turjak 6a327f47f7 Adding comment to readme about USERNAME_IS_EMAIL 1 year ago
  Amelia Cordwell dfa0388152 Signup Panel 1 year ago
  adrian-turjak 490a16c08b Rename panel to Admin Tasks 1 year ago
  adrian-turjak 3321bf3fb4 Approval should warn with a pop-up 1 year ago
  Amelia Cordwell 901a0d7a2e Added Reissue token and Rerun Validation action 1 year ago
  adrian-turjak 0d8384a5f2 Actions in detail view not working when approved 1 year ago
  Amelia Cordwell 588a15bdbd Panel and Token Handler for update email 2 years ago
  adrian-turjak 4a5bc88ccd Fixing gitreview repo location 1 year ago
  adrian-turjak f8d53b3a12 Renaming StackTask to Adjutant 1 year ago
  Jonathan Herlin a0d821da47 Update paths and add keystone_policy.json location 1 year ago
  Amelia Cordwell 113124e14b Task List Panel 2 years ago
  adrian-turjak 4feb401f9b Add support for USERNAME_IS_EMAIL 2 years ago
  adrian-turjak 93f658d988 Reorganising enabled files 2 years ago
  adrian-turjak 2e042e4c45 Initial code base for StackTask UI 2 years ago
  Michael Richardson 163f49e658 Initial empty repository 2 years ago