Ansible Modules Collection for using OpenStack
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ancestor: null
- baremetal_node - Correct parameter name
- coe_cluster - Retrive id/uuid correctly
- federation_mapping - Fixup some minor nits found in followup reviews
- inventory_openstack - Fix constructed compose
- network - Bump minimum openstacksdk version when using os_network/dns_domain
- role_assignment - Fix os_user_role for groups in multidomain context
- role_assignment - Fix os_user_role issue to grant a role in a domain
- Renaming all modules and removing "os" prefix from names.
- baremetal_node_action - Support json type for the ironic_node config_drive
- config - Update os_client_config to use openstacksdk
- host_aggregate - Add support for not 'purging' missing hosts
- project - Add properties for os_project
- server_action - pass imageRef to rebuild
- subnet - Updated allocation pool checks
release_summary: Initial release of collection.
- description: Add support for Keystone Identity Providers
name: federation_idp
namespace: ''
- description: Add support for fetching the information about federation IDPs
name: federation_idp_info
namespace: ''
- description: Add support for Keystone mappings
name: federation_mapping
namespace: ''
- description: Add support for fetching the information about Keystone mappings
name: federation_mapping_info
namespace: ''
- description: Add support for Keystone federation Protocols
name: keystone_federation_protocol
namespace: ''
- description: Add support for getting information about Keystone federation Protocols
name: keystone_federation_protocol_info
namespace: ''
- description: Retrieve information about one or more OpenStack routers.
name: routers_info
namespace: ''
release_date: '2020-05-19'
- server_info - Fix broken server_info module and add tests
release_summary: Bugfix for server_info
release_date: '2020-05-22'
- Fix non existing attribuites in SDK exception
- security_group_rule - Don't pass tenant_id for remote group
- A basic module subclass was introduced and a few modules moved to inherit
from it.
- Add more useful information from exception
- Added pip installation option for collection.
- Added template for generation of artibtrary module.
- baremetal modules - Do not require ironic_url if cloud or auth.endpoint is
- inventory_openstack - Add openstack logger and Ansible display utility
- loadbalancer - Add support for setting the Flavor when creating a load balancer
release_summary: Starting redesign modules and bugfixes.
- description: Retrieve information about Openstack volumes.
name: volume_info
namespace: ''
release_date: '2020-08-17'
- lb_health_monitor - Make it possible to create a health monitor to a pool
release_summary: New volume backup modules.
- description: Add/Delete Openstack volumes backup.
name: volume_backup module
namespace: ''
- description: Retrieve information about Openstack volume backups.
name: volume_backup_info module
namespace: ''
- description: Retrieve information about Openstack volume snapshots.
name: volume_snapshot_info module
namespace: ''
release_date: '2020-10-13'
- dns_zone - Migrating dns_zone from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- dns_zone, recordset - Enable update for recordset and add tests for dns and
recordset module
- endpoint - Do not fail when endpoint state is absent
- ironic - Refactor ironic authentication into a new module_utils module
- loadbalancer - Refactor loadbalancer module
- network - Migrating network from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- networks_info - Migrating networks_info from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- openstack - Add galaxy.yml to support install from git
- openstack - Fix docs-args mismatch in modules
- openstack - OpenStackModule Support defining a minimum version of the SDK
- router - Migrating routers from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- routers_info - Added deprecated_names for router_info module
- routers_info - Migrating routers_info from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- - Migrating security_group from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- security_group_rule - Refactor TCP/UDP port check
- - Improve "server" module with OpenstackModule class
- server_volume - Migrating server_volume from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- subnet - Fix subnets update and idempotency
- subnet - Migrating subnet module from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- subnets_info - Migrating subnets_info from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- - Migrating volume from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- volume_info - Fix volume_info arguments for SDK 0.19
release_summary: Porting modules to new OpenstackModule class and fixes.
release_date: '2021-01-03'
- port - Fixed check for None in os_port
- project - Fix setting custom property on os_project
- security_group_rule - Remove protocols choice in security rules
- volume_info - Fix volume_info result for SDK < 0.19
- Fix some typos in readme
- Guidelines Fix links and formatting
- baremetal_node - Add support for new features
- baremetal_node - ironic deprecate sub-options of driver_info
- baremetal_node - ironic stop putting meaningless values to properties
- image_info - Migrating image_info module from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- recordset - Update recordset docu
- server - Allow description field to be set with os_server
- server_action - Added shelve and unshelve as new server actions
release_summary: New modules and bugfixes.
- description: Retrieve information about Openstack Identity roles.
name: identity_role_info
namespace: ''
- description: Retrieve information about Openstack key pairs.
name: keypair_info
namespace: ''
- description: Retrieve information about Openstack Security Groups.
name: security_group_info
namespace: ''
- description: Retrieve information about Openstack Security Group rules.
name: security_group_rule_info
namespace: ''
- description: Retrieve information about Openstack Heat stacks.
name: stack_info
namespace: ''
release_date: '2021-02-16'
- Add Octavia job for testing Load Balancer
- Add binding profile to port module
- Add execution environment metadata
- Fix CI for latest ansible-test with no_log
- Fix issues with newest ansible-test 2.11
- Prepare for Ansible 2.11 tests
- add option to exclude legacy groups
- security_group_rule add support ipv6-icmp
release_summary: New object_container module and bugfixes.
- description: Manage Swift container
name: object_container
namespace: ''
release_date: '2021-04-08'
- Update checks for validate_certs in openstack_cloud_from_module
- compute_flavor - Fix the idempotent of compute_flavor module
- host_aggregate - Fix host_aggregate to tolerate aggregate.hosts being None
- inventory/openstack - Fix inventory plugin on Ansible 2.11
- port - fix update on empty list of allowed address pairs
- setup.cfg Replace dashes with underscores
- subnet - Only apply necessary changes to subnets
- volume - Fail if referenced source image for a new volume does not exist
- Add bindep.txt for ansible-builder
- Add check_mode attribute to OpenstackModule
- Migrating image module from AnsibleModule to OpenStackModule
- Switch KeystoneFederationProtocolInfo module to OpenStackModule
- Switch ProjectAccess module to OpenStackModule
- Switch Quota module to OpenStackModule
- Switch Recordset module to OpenStackModule
- Switch ServerGroup module to OpenStackModule
- Switch ServerMetadata module to OpenStackModule
- Switch Snapshot module to OpenStackModule
- Switch Stack module to OpenStackModule
- Switch auth module to OpenStackModule
- Switch catalog_service module to OpenStackModule
- Switch coe_cluster module to OpenStackModule
- Switch coe_cluster_template module to OpenStackModule
- Switch endpoint module to OpenStackModule
- Switch federation_idp module to OpenStackModule
- Switch federation_idp_info module to OpenStackModule
- Switch federation_mapping module to OpenStackModule
- Switch federation_mapping_info module to OpenStackModule
- Switch federation_protocol module to OpenStackModule
- Switch flavor module to OpenStackModule
- Switch flavor_info module to OpenStackModule
- Switch floating_ip module to OpenStackModule
- Switch group_assignment module to OpenStackModule
- Switch hostaggregate module to OpenStackModule
- Switch identity_domain module to OpenStackModule
- Switch identity_domain_info module to OpenStackModule
- Switch identity_group module to OpenStackModule
- Switch identity_group_info module to OpenStackModule
- Switch identity_role module to OpenStackModule
- Switch identity_user module to OpenStackModule
- Switch lb_listener module to OpenStackModule
- Switch lb_member module to OpenStackModule
- Switch lb_pool module to OpenStackModule
- Switch object module to OpenStackModule
- Switch port module to OpenStackModule
- Switch port_info module to OpenStackModule
- Switch project and project_info module to OpenStackModule
- Switch role_assignment module to OpenStackModule
- Switch user_info module to OpenStackModule
- image - Add support to setting image tags
release_summary: New modules for DNS and FIPs and bugfixes.
- description: Getting information about dns zones
name: dns_zone_info
namespace: ''
- description: Get information about floating ips
name: floating_ip_info
namespace: ''
- description: Create or delete address scopes from OpenStack
name: address_scope
namespace: ''
release_date: '2021-06-23'