Ansible role to deploy a container registry
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A role to deploy a container registry. For now, the role only support Docker Registry v2.

Role Variables

Variables used for container registry
Name Default Value Description
container_registry_debug false Enable debug option in Docker
container_registry_deploy_docker true Whether or not to deploy Docker
container_registry_deploy_docker_distribution true Whether or not to deploy Docker Distribution
container_registry_deployment_user centos User which needs to manage containers
container_registry_docker_options --log-driver=journald --signature-verification=false --iptables=false --live-restore Options given to Docker configuration
container_registry_insecure_registries [] Array of insecure registries
container_registry_network_options [undefined] Docker networking options
container_registry_host localhost Docker registry host
container_registry_port 8787 Docker registry port
container_registry_mirror [undefined] Docker registry mirror
container_registry_storage_options -s overlay2 Docker storage options
container_registry_selinux false Whether or not SElinux is enabled for containers
container_registry_additional_sockets [undefined] Additional sockets for containers


  • ansible >= 2.4
  • python >= 2.6



Example Playbooks

Modify Image

The following playbook will deploy a Docker registry:

- hosts: localhost
  become: true
    - container-registry


Apache 2.0