Ansible role to manage Luna SA Hardware Security Module (HSM) client software
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A role to manage Thales Luna Network Hardware Security Module (HSM) clients.

Role Variables

This ansible role automates the configuration of a new client for the Thales Luna Network HSM.

Name Default Value Description
lunasa_client_working_dir /tmp/lunasa_client_install Working directory in the target host.
lunasa_client_tarball_name None Filename for the Lunasa client software tarball.
lunasa_client_tarball_location None Full URL where a copy of the client software tarball can be downloaded.
lunasa_client_installer_path None Path to the script inside the tarball.
lunasa_client_pin None The HSM Partition Password (PKCS#11 PIN) to be used by the client.
lunasa_client_ip None (Optional) When set, this role will use the given IP to register the client instead of the client's fqdn.
lunasa_client_rotate_cert False When set to True, the role will generate a new client certificate to replace the previous one.
lunasa_hsms None List of dictionaries, each of which describes a single HSM see vars.sample.yaml for details. When more than one HSM is listed here, the client will be configured in HA mode.


  • ansible >= 2.4