Ansible role to manage Thales Hardware Security Module (HSM) client software
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This is a role to manage the client software for Entrust nShield Connect Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

This repo uses the "Thales" name for historical reasons:

At the time when this repository was created nShield HSMs were owned by Thales. Since then, the nShield line of HSMs have gone through some ownership changes, including nCipher for some time, and currently Entrust.

If you are looking for the ansible role to manage client software for Thales Luna Network HSMs you can find it here:

Role Variables

Name Default Value Description
thales_install_client false Whether the role should install the client software on the target host.
thales_configure_rfs false Whether the role should execute the RFS configuration tasks.
thales_client_working_dir /tmp/thales_client_install Working directory in the target host.
thales_client_gid 42481 Group ID for the thales group.
thales_client_uid 42481 User ID for the thales user.
thales_client_tarball_name None Filename for the Thales client software tarball.
thales_client_tarball_location None Full URL where a copy of the client software tarball can be downloaded.
thales_client_path linux/libc6_11/amd64/nfast Path to the client software directory inside the tarball
thales_km_data_tarball_name None Filename for the KM Data tarball
thales_km_data_location None Full URL where a copy of the KM Data tarball can be downloaded.
thales_rfs_ip_address None IPv4 address for the Thales RFS host.
thales_client_ips None Whitespace separated list of IP addresses to be added to RFS config.
thales_bootstrap_client_ip None Bootstrap client IP address. This IP will be allowed to update RFS server.
nshield_hsms None List of one or more HSM devices


  • ansible >= 2.4