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  OpenDev Sysadmins 6fdcdd087f OpenDev Migration Patch 4 days ago
  Zuul 6e9cad5a77 Merge "Update hacking version to latest" 3 months ago
  jacky06 ee6522c7ee Update hacking version to latest 3 months ago
  Zuul 7f3240b37a Merge "Update min tox version to 2.0" 3 months ago
  Zuul a981999540 Merge "Remove setup.py check from tox template" 3 months ago
  Zuul 0a5549683f Merge "fix tox python3 overrides" 5 months ago
  Sean McGinnis cb1a5fb52a Remove setup.py check from tox template 5 months ago
  huang.zhiping 9551ffe054 Update min tox version to 2.0 6 months ago
  Zuul 025235fc9a Merge "Change YAML file extensions to .yaml from .yml" 6 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger 5afb7ee689 Remove release-openstack-server 6 months ago
  Doug Hellmann fc46402295 fix tox python3 overrides 6 months ago
  Sam Doran 8cf041ff35 Change YAML file extensions to .yaml from .yml 7 months ago
  Alex Schultz 38442259c3 Switch README to RST and add lint 8 months ago
  Jill Rouleau 39e4b415c2 Fixes for rpmlint 8 months ago
  Zuul 12b73c4387 Merge "Document how to run tox to test the cookiecutter" 8 months ago
  Emilien Macchi 34155fd8b0 Document how to run tox to test the cookiecutter 8 months ago
  Sam Doran 7820e1ecaa Remove ssh control path setting 8 months ago
  Jill Rouleau f98ace7d35 Add zuul config, tox files, and lint script. 8 months ago
  Jill Rouleau 61ef1df4d1 Move zuul.d to correct directory 9 months ago
  Jill Rouleau 1d8e582e75 Add basic jobs in Zuul Layout 9 months ago
  Jill Rouleau cd167b01a8 Added missing .gitreview file 9 months ago
  Jill Rouleau eda50ac604 Correct summary text in setup.cfg 9 months ago
  Jill Rouleau d719e79a41 Cleanup some typos 9 months ago
  Jill Rouleau 52282d0853 Initial import 9 months ago