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# ANSIBLE0006: Using command rather than module
# we have a few use cases where we need to use curl and rsync
# ANSIBLE0007: Using command rather than an argument to e.g file
# we have a lot of 'rm' command and we should use file module instead
# ANSIBLE0010: Package installs should not use latest.
# Sometimes we need to update some packages.
# ANSIBLE0012: Commands should not change things if nothing needs doing
# ANSIBLE0013: Use Shell only when shell functionality is required
# ANSIBLE0016: Tasks that run when changed should likely be handlers
# this requires refactoring roles, skipping for now
# Lin the role.
ansible-lint -vvv -x $SKIPLIST ./ || lint_error=1
# exit with 1 if we had a least an error or warning.
if [[ -n "$lint_error" ]]; then
exit 1;