RETIRED, UI component for application catalog
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This makes the Applications and Components stored in the OpenStack Application Catalog available to users in their own Cloud's Horizon UI.


app-catalog-ui is intended to use only on systems running Horizon

How to try this package

With Devstack

Add the following to your Devstack local.conf file

enable_plugin app-catalog-ui

With Horizon

git clone
git clone
cd horizon
./ -f --docs
cp ./openstack_dashboard/local/ ./openstack_dashboard/local/
pushd ../apps-catalog-ui
../horizon/tools/ pip install --upgrade .
cp -a enabled/* ../horizon/openstack_dashboard/enabled/

#FOR Murano Dashboard support:
git clone
pushd ../murano-dashboard
../horizon/tools/ pip install --upgrade .
cp muranodashboard/local/ ../horizon/openstack_dashboard/enabled/

#If you want to test against you own app-catalog checkout:
echo "APP_CATALOG_URL='http://localhost:18001'" >> openstack_dashboard/local/

#Start test server
./ --runserver