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  Rajath Agasthya a98519927b Plugin to flag insecure hash functions created using hashlib.new() 3 years ago
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  Eric Brown e40af23ff6 Blacklist call of ssl._create_unverified_context 3 years ago
  Eric Brown fbd4e83efe Yet Another Formatter (yaml) 3 years ago
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  Eric Brown aae396e9bc Add capability to pipe a file into bandit 3 years ago
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  Grant Murphy 07f84cb5f5 Add check for httpoxy vulnerability 4 years ago
  Eric Brown 1310d18275 Allow output to default to stdout using argparse 4 years ago
  Jamie Finnigan 0fabff579d Normalizing & editing command-line help text 4 years ago
  Christopher J Schaefer cac2f22dee Added try_except_continue plugin 4 years ago
  Tim Kelsey c683327c97 Breaking up blacklist import IDs 4 years ago
  Eric Brown a61e3c4b85 Update command line help baseline report 4 years ago
  Tim Kelsey 23b4f6a5c7 Updated legacy profile support 4 years ago
  Travis McPeak 54a06aaebb Making config optional 4 years ago
  Travis McPeak 49780b38af Adding JSON output for baseline results 4 years ago
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  Eric Brown c0f31a8e6e Add blacklist plugins to help output 4 years ago
  Eric Brown 74cf19517d Add PyPi badges 4 years ago
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