PowerVM compute agent plugins for OpenStack Ceilometer
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Support for PowerVM Performance Monitoring

The IBM PowerVM hypervisor provides virtualization on POWER hardware. PowerVM customers can see benefits in their environments by making use of OpenStack. This project implements a Ceilometer-compatible compute inspector. This inspector, along with the PowerVM Nova driver and Neutron agent, provides capability for PowerVM customers to natively monitor utilization and statistics for instances running on OpenStack-managed systems.

Problem Description

PowerVM supports a variety of performance monitoring interfaces within the platform, providing virtual machine and system monitoring data. Ceilometer-powervm implements a Ceilometer-based compute inspector for the PowerVM hypervisor.

Inspector Description

The Ceilometer compute agent provides an inspector framework that allows hypervisors to integrate support for gathering instance statistics and utilization details into Ceilometer. This project provides a standard Ceilometer virt inspector that pulls its data from the PowerVM Performance and Capacity Monitoring (PCM) infrastructure.

This inspector retrieves instance monitoring data for cpu, network, memory, and disk usage. Interactions with PowerVM PCM occur using the PowerVM REST API stack through pypowervm, an open source python project.

This inspector requires that the PowerVM system be configured for management via NovaLink.

End User Impact

The users of the cloud are able to see the metrics for their virtual machines. As PowerVM deals with 'disk buses' rather than specific disks, the hard disk data is reported at a 'per bus' level (i.e. each SCSI or Virtual Fibre Channel bus).

Performance/Scalability Impacts


Other deployer impact

The cloud administrator needs to install the ceilometer-powervm project on their PowerVM compute node. It must be installed on the NovaLink virtual machine on the PowerVM system.

The cloud administrator needs to configure their 'hypervisor_inspector' as powervm.

No other configuration is required.

Developer impact




Primary assignee: thorst

Ongoing maintainer: thorst

Future lifecycle

Ongoing maintenance of the PowerVM compute inspector will be handled by the IBM OpenStack team.


  • The Ceilometer compute agent.
  • The pypowervm library.
  • A NovaLink enabled PowerVM system.