132 Commits (master)

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  Romain LE DISEZ fc21cde1c2 Fix a socket leak in case of broken connection 1 year ago
  Zuul ccf9f6a4e0 Merge "Add Python 3 Train unit tests" 1 month ago
  zhurong edfeca139d Fix py37 test error 1 month ago
  Corey Bryant 7ab5b6277b Add Python 3 Train unit tests 1 month ago
  Le Hou 7e33afbae5 Use opendev repository 3 months ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 8f5816e34d OpenDev Migration Patch 4 months ago
  Zuul 14512b087a Merge "Update master for stable/stein" 4 months ago
  Ghanshyam Mann d79a2e8459 Dropping the py35 testing 4 months ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 74345a8902 Update master for stable/stein 5 months ago
  Zuul 0ef20fbe00 Merge "Switch to stestr" 9 months ago
  Doug Hellmann e4c70155c8 add python 3.6 unit test job 11 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 82ebdcfae4 switch documentation job to new PTI 11 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 01fa13265b import zuul job settings from project-config 11 months ago
  Vu Cong Tuan 47d2319144 Switch to stestr 1 year ago
  Doug Hellmann 8332b9eaff fix tox python3 overrides 1 year ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 2f0efc7c99 Update reno for stable/queens 1 year ago
  Zuul e3169206b7 Merge "Fix documentation url 404 error." 1 year ago
  Yuanbin.Chen 20de09b939 Fix documentation url 404 error. 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger d27d5a7053 Remove setting of version/release from releasenotes 1 year ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 42b743e7dd Update reno for stable/pike 2 years ago
  Julien Danjou fbd048f4c0 Fix default service project to "service" 2 years ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk e2bf485044 retrieve project id to ignore from keystone 2 years ago
  Andrew Smith 0cea730b10 Switch to get_notification_transport for Notifier 2 years ago
  Jenkins 6ba005fa6b Merge "switch to topics when declaring notifier" 2 years ago
  Hanxi Liu 9f9f0d7011 Trivial: remove support for py34 2 years ago
  gord chung d7c9cb3612 switch to topics when declaring notifier 2 years ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 0fc3fa8f40 Update reno for stable/ocata 2 years ago
  Mehdi Abaakouk 5a43df41f4 Fix releasenotes branches 2 years ago
  Jenkins 23993e6e59 Merge "Remove link to modindex" 2 years ago
  gengchc2 a63b01cb9e Use https instead of http for git.openstack.org 2 years ago
  aditi 146dcb20b1 Remove link to modindex 2 years ago
  Tony Breeds 60d215d810 [doc] Note lack of constraints is a choice 2 years ago
  gordon chung be2fdfd66e Revert "Show team and repo badges on README" 2 years ago
  Flavio Percoco d50d9d2d3a Show team and repo badges on README 2 years ago
  Julien Danjou 430f736dc2 Bump hacking to 0.12 2 years ago
  Julien Danjou 87bd49b62e Convert nonblocking_notify value from string to boolean 2 years ago
  Jenkins 163b2060fa Merge "Enable release notes translation" 2 years ago
  xiaozhuangqing 26bfc4859e No reason to start with '_' define a general variable 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 1c98aaa8bf Enable release notes translation 2 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang 9d4c26e73f Clean imports in code 2 years ago
  Jenkins 8c7067e839 Merge "Bump the oslo.messaging version" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 7c83100094 Merge "clean up oslo-incubator related stuff" 2 years ago
  xiaozhuangqing 0cd611b870 Bump the oslo.messaging version 2 years ago
  xiaozhuangqing a8dde3fbe4 clean up oslo-incubator related stuff 3 years ago
  Steve Lewis 8f08f86c10 Add release note for background thread notifier 3 years ago
  Jenkins 1fd6270c2e Merge "Add reno for release notes management" 3 years ago
  Hanxi Liu b43fb3e577 Delete openstack/common from the exclude list of flake8 in tox 3 years ago
  Steve Lewis 55e728897d Add reno for release notes management 3 years ago
  Jenkins a5b2377d00 Merge "Avoid useless dependency on oslo_utils" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 809e98c3b2 Merge "Fix bug in background sending" 3 years ago