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  OpenDev Sysadmins d4f8b088a6 OpenDev Migration Patch 6 days ago
  Zuul 4e47029cc0 Merge "Enable bionic/stein and disco/stein functional tests" 2 weeks ago
  James Page 1bf46dbe8c Rebuild with new charmhelpers release 2 weeks ago
  Frode Nordahl 9074fcf4f1 Enable bionic/stein and disco/stein functional tests 2 weeks ago
  Frode Nordahl a184dc8bd4 Update series metadata 2 weeks ago
  Chris MacNaughton 337589ada5 Sync charm-helpers for Stein release 3 weeks ago
  Pete Vander Giessen e607b14ebb Replace ostestr with stestr in testing framework. 1 month ago
  Paul Goins 84a3b681df Excluding unit_tests from coverage 1 month ago
  Paul Goins 81e48a0a65 Added tox environment for gathering coverage 1 month ago
  Corey Bryant 757e2da7ab Rebuild for sync charm-helpers 3 months ago
  Liam Young 645574368d Rebuild for HA resource changes in charm-helpers & charms.openstack. 4 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 8cdefd2cbc
Add repo config 5 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 84615b48d7
Merge pull request #1 from openstack-charmers/pre-1811a 5 months ago
  Ryan Beisner dfede5f34f
Update tests, tox, series and readme for 18.11 release 5 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 179ddd9618
Fix unit test 5 months ago
  Frode Nordahl ab04193de0 Update functional test bundles and definitions 5 months ago
  Frode Nordahl ce5868ea13 Properly track required relations 5 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 5b91fb6d88
Remove configuration options brought in from layers 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 961c2f7bcb
Update README 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 2bc8cfa315
Update icon 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 7d763f717d
Update unit tests for ``install_ca_cert`` 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl d062d3460b
Base64-decoding of certificate moved to vault-kv interface code 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 63af9a89b3
Handle SSL 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl f5db4bff62
Request initial token from vault only once 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl ba617f0672
Add missing check in unit test 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 35a6c06883
Correct installation package 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 5ee8482fdc
Ensure handler fires only when data is changed 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl cda2bdfa1b
Add ``hvac`` to charm wheelhouse 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl dd1df7a42b
Retrieve secret-id from vault using one-shot token 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 449b85d0b5
Add ``kv_mountpoint`` to plugin configuration 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl c7ea27cde7
Add import of charm class to reactive handler 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl bdcf367efc
Add barbican-vault charm code and unit tests 6 months ago
  Frode Nordahl 3c85a815a2
Initial commit of charm skeleton 6 months ago