14 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Chris MacNaughton b83797c707 Sync charm-helpers for Stein release 1 month ago
  Chris MacNaughton 874e553e0c Add security-checklist action 2 months ago
  Corey Bryant 0afd2e693d Sync charm-helpers 4 months ago
  Ryan Beisner 8793ac3bae
Sync charm-helpers 6 months ago
  Chris MacNaughton 43d868dc21 Sync charm-helpers to ensure Rocky support 10 months ago
  Corey Bryant ec8bcd5f9d Sync charm-helpers for Rocky series support 11 months ago
  Felipe Reyes 644dea83de Sync charm-helpers 1 year ago
  Alex Kavanagh 4e1ecd55b8 Bring ceph-osd to Python 3 1 year ago
  Ryan Beisner 4189b4f8ee Sync charm-helpers 1 year ago
  Xav Paice 70eac013d8 Update ceph and charmhelpers 1 year ago
  James Page 0aa8e01af3 Updates for pike b1 2 years ago
  David Ames 42b71274d6 Enable Ocata Amulet Tests 2 years ago
  Ryan Beisner 3a3cbcb37b Update Amulet defs, series metadata and c-h sync 2 years ago
  James Page 5e506b8c50 Add support for application version 2 years ago
  David Ames ab5de8087a Pre-release charm-helpers sync 2 years ago
  James Page 107291ea84 Resync charmhelpers for licensing change 2 years ago
  James Page 2cc4e952a0 Switch to using charm-store for amulet tests 2 years ago
  Edward Hope-Morley 8f0347d692 Add support for user-provided ceph config 3 years ago
  Ryan Beisner e8d7bc59fe sync charmhelpers for mitaka cloud archive support 3 years ago
  Liam Young effb78693f [gnuoy,trivial] Charmhelper sync (+1'd by mojo) 3 years ago
  Liam Young 728c672f1c [gnuoy,trivial] Pre-release charmhelper sync 3 years ago
  Ryan Beisner dcec2c9ef3 sync hooks/charmhelpers 3 years ago
  Liam Young c1e7833dbd [gnuoy,trivial] Pre-release charmhelper sync 4 years ago
  Liam Young 18061cdbeb Use rnpe functions from charmhelpers 4 years ago
  Jorge Niedbalski 15fbd7b3a1 [all] make sync for charmhelpers 4 years ago
  Liam Young b4ca85a159 Sync charmhelpers 4 years ago
  Edward Hope-Morley fc598df4a3 synced charm-helpers 4 years ago
  Liam Young a3f1615cb5 Sync charmhelpers 4 years ago
  Edward Hope-Morley 302d9b218c synced lp:~cts-engineering/charms/trusty/charm-helpers/ipv6 4 years ago
  Edward Hope-Morley e21aba80d9 synced charm-helpers 4 years ago
  James Page d49dc259ca Resync helpers 4 years ago
  James Page e571d4a141 resync helpers 4 years ago
  James Page 0cfcd6fc04 resync helpers for juno support 5 years ago
  Christopher Glass 8c736398c1 Updating charm-helpers from lp:charm-helpers revision 153 5 years ago
  James Page e76a80181f Update charmhelpers alongside other ceph charms, add publish target to makefile 5 years ago
  Edward Hope-Morley 1a3c510aae [hopem] synced charm-helpers 5 years ago
  James Page 61159275a3 Resynced helpers 5 years ago
  James Page bd7d6b7d0a Add icehouse cloud support 5 years ago
  James Page bf06ac1350 Resync with charm-helpers trunk 5 years ago
  James Page 2b75b70758 Sync with alternatives charmhelpers, installed ceph.conf as alternative for charm co-existence 5 years ago
  James Page 13826f1d07 Resync with configure_source supporting proposed 5 years ago
  James Page 7d964e8b58 Resync charm helpers from trunk 5 years ago
  James Page 979a8ee89d Add missing fetch helper 6 years ago