Add links to bugs and developer's guide

This is so that people can contribute bugs/feature requests, or be
able to submit changes to the documentation.

Also, due to strangeness in the zuul guide merging process, added
a guid in enable-merge to get it to merge the commit.

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Alex Kavanagh 5 years ago
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@ -18,3 +18,15 @@ To build the guide, execute the following command::
After running ``tox``, the documentation will be available for viewing in HTML
format in the ``deploy-guide/build/html`` directory. View these new documents
in your favorite web browser.
Submitting changes to this documentation
If you wish to raise an issue against the documentation, please do so at
Submissions to this source are controlled via the OpenStack gerrit system at
`<>`__. If you wish to submit content then please
see `<>`__ for details
on how to submit changes.

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