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@ -178,22 +178,44 @@ The UUID of the Nova flavor to use for Amphorae can be set using the
Amphora image
Octavia uses Amphorae (cloud instances running haproxy) to provide LBaaS services;
Octavia uses Amphorae (cloud instances running HAProxy) to provide LBaaS services;
an appropriate image must be uploaded to Glance with the tag `octavia-amphora`.
You can use the ``octavia-diskimage-retrofit`` tool to transform a stock Ubuntu
cloud image into a Octavia HAProxy Amphora image.
This tool is available as a snap and for convenience there is also a charm
available that can transform Ubuntu images already available in your Glance
image store.
Example usage:
.. code::
juju deploy glance-simplestreams-sync \
--config source=ppa:simplestreams-dev/trunk
juju deploy octavia-diskimage-retrofit \
--config amp-image-tag=octavia-amphora
juju add-relation glance-simplestreams-sync keystone
juju add-relation glance-simplestreams-sync rabbitmq-server
juju add-relation octavia-diskimage-retrofit glance-simplestreams-sync
juju add-relation octavia-diskimage-retrofit keystone
After the deployment has settled and ``glance-simplestreams-sync`` has
completed its initial image sync, you may ask a ``octavia-diskimage-retrofit``
unit to initiate the Amphora image retrofitting process.
This is accomplished through running an action on one of the units.
.. code::
curl http://tarballs.openstack.org/octavia/test-images/test-only-amphora-x64-haproxy-ubuntu-xenial.qcow2 | \
openstack image create --tag octavia-amphora --disk-format=qcow2 \
--container-format=bare --private amphora-haproxy-xenial
juju run-action --wait octavia-diskimage-retrofit/leader retrofit-image
Octavia will use this image for all Amphora instances.
.. warning::
The example above uses the OpenStack published Octavia test image based
on Ubuntu Xenial; this is not appropriate for production usage.
It's important to keep the Amphora image up-to-date to ensure that
LBaaS services remain secure; this process is not covered in this