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Nobuto Murata d78e6e79bf Pin to Juju 2.9 for the time being
The whole guide assumes Juju 2.9 as the top page states:
> The software versions used in this guide are as follows:
> * Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy) for the Juju client, Juju controller, and
>   all cloud nodes (including containers)
> * MAAS 3.3.3
> * Juju 2.9.43
> * OpenStack 2023.1 (Antelope)

Now that the default channel of Juju snap is 3.1, we should pin to 2.9
in the short term. Otherwise the first user experience is not going to
be smooth due to backward-incompatible commands such as `juju
add-relation` or `juju run`.

Closes-Bug: #2029323
Change-Id: Ia5eb711de1ef60443311413477460620de17f77d
2023-08-02 12:07:04 +09:00
Peter Matulis fc7c83f5ec Trivial fix for generating 2023.1 guide release
This PR will be used to generate a 2023.1 version of
this guide by a follow-up backport of it to the
newly-created 2023.1 stable branch.

Change-Id: I1ddc87821febcdf9bbce0d26b38c1cac37b302e9
2023-06-16 13:15:48 -04:00
Peter Matulis d7591029fe Update guide to 2023.1
Update Juju and MAAS versions.

Make some minor text improvements, including links to

Use channel-specific Charmhub links for charms

Change-Id: I04ab75a56f4311ffb7ec49f4627b75e5d24ef4c6
2023-06-15 18:39:31 -04:00
Zuul 5de91da169 Merge "Reword osd-devices option usage" 2023-04-25 23:58:06 +00:00
Peter Matulis 2a71b94bc8 Improve navigational words on MAAS page
Closes-Bug: #2006480
Change-Id: I02e4f422045d8e9bcb155a953660f8292f14f2c4
2023-04-14 19:27:12 -04:00
Peter Matulis f567194134 Reword osd-devices option usage
Slightly reword the text describing how to determine the
value of the osd-devices option (ceph-osd charm).

Closes-Bug: #2008219
Change-Id: I7512d62574f60db3f415ae39757b2a158d559527
2023-04-14 18:14:15 -04:00
Peter Matulis cd286d6ded Trivial
This trivial PR will also be used to generate an OpenStack
Zed version of the guide.

Change-Id: I47df93e8991baff76df3aeb5f8a3ec427aa2055c
2023-02-17 12:51:04 -05:00
Peter Matulis 418d689a71 Remove some deprecation warnings
Remove some deprecation build warnings from this

This PR will also be used to generate an OpenStack Zed
version of the guide.

Change-Id: Ie776798f96b0de8d17a08e45e7a4d1e42b84359b
2023-02-16 22:54:41 -05:00
Peter Matulis 7a15d3a4b2 Update to Jammy-Zed
I was forced to use an environment different from what I
normally use, hence the changes to infrastructure values.

Also closes a bug.

Closes-Bug: #2006729
Change-Id: I5d05c7d532b3433c8c53061f8a1727ab6c81e6e9
2023-02-15 16:18:39 -05:00
Peter Matulis 289f61afc9 Up sphinx for Python 3.10 - Jammy
On Jammy hosts the docs will not build due to an
incompatibility between Sphinx and Python 3.10.
Increase Sphinx version in requirements.txt to at
least 4.2.

Change-Id: I34d9c1a6baa042535ea74758c9a4b51f97e6965a
2023-01-03 13:13:44 -05:00
Zuul c4fa34d08a Merge "Improve software specfication text" 2022-09-02 13:34:56 +00:00
Peter Matulis 8c1c764274 Improve internal links
For internal links to the deploy-guide or, via intersphinx, to
the charm-guide use direct Sphinx links (instead of manual or
manual+redirected URLs).

Change-Id: I509966b2e58c7cd4e7943fbabb530d7178a93118
2022-09-01 17:20:21 -04:00
Peter Matulis 40212d6a99 Improve software specfication text
Minor improvement to wording.

Fix a hyperlink.

Change-Id: I7fd776702ae58501738dbf0e658b8e73369bbaa0
2022-09-01 16:58:33 -04:00
Peter Matulis 5f6fec4323 Add info re software version selection
Make it clearer how software versions are selected for
charms and for cloud services.

Closes-Bug: #1974481
Change-Id: Idcb64aa12ff7e9069d8b0cf20a008ca55ff7ac78
2022-08-29 18:13:22 -04:00
Peter Matulis 4e3919b0e3 Remove bug and update versions
A Juju bug citation (and its workaround) was removed.
LP #1966664 is gnarly and is not completely resolved, but it no
longer affects this guide.

During the testing of the above updated software was used so
update the versions stated in the guide. In particular, a Jammy
Juju controller was used.

Related-Bug: #1966664
Related-Bug: #1971616
Change-Id: I0276861e672b24e0c886a64b5a04bb8e30caf45d
2022-08-17 14:49:58 -04:00
Peter Matulis 25bb3b2ffe Review post-migration of pages
The migration of non-deployment content to the charm-guide
is now complete. This PR is a consequence of that change. It
introduces some rewording and restructuring. In particular,
the installation-overview page is folded into the main
landing page. This PR closes a bug in the process.

Closes-Bug: #1976369
Change-Id: I5e31bd0e340662b52607bc72a089bd7c08190741
2022-08-16 13:13:29 -04:00
Peter Matulis f6da73921e Remove upgrade pages
Remove the upgrade pages as they are being migrated to
the charm-guide.

Add HTML redirects (and tests) for the more important

Depends-On: I31ecf2b885d808802fc83a0a8414032764b20e1d
Change-Id: I446a5849cee97351e21ce2435cede2a742d3a9e0
2022-08-15 18:13:09 -04:00
Peter Matulis 735f9d2e81 Remove issues and procedures pages
Remove the issues and procedures pages as they are
being migrated to the charm-guide.

Some links need to be changed as a consequence.

Add HTML redirects (and tests) for the more important
pages. A previous redirect was only modified as it was
put into place only very recently.

Depends-On: Iba9231ba501253692acba9f059a913b54226cb5e
Change-Id: Ifd70efb85eba841dd74e8d0b453d8f63f81c16e0
2022-08-08 20:35:14 -04:00
Zuul a4badb4534 Merge "Refactor issues and procedures" 2022-08-05 15:04:13 +00:00
Peter Matulis 021ca3ebf2 Refactor issues and procedures
Centralise all noteworthy issues and procedures into a
single page. This will make it much simpler for users to
find important information and will reduce the necessity
to include multiple links in many pages.

Move the placement charm procedure to its own special charm
procedure page and link to it from the stein:train upgrade
path page.

The new page is currently in the Upgrades section but this
is temporary. It will soon be migrated to the charm-guide
where it will be placed under the Project section.

Include an HTML redirect (and test) for the former
upgrade-special page.

Change-Id: I3a8abe0d6b82447ca6d2883065cb1a2ce6d906b9
2022-08-02 17:02:39 -04:00
Peter Matulis 9e63c51957 Fix OVN redirect
Fix an HTML redirect that was recently put in place
for a migration of the Networking pages.

Fix a broken link for the project to build.

Change-Id: I99b0287fcb758e1ec8fac7a8f6cf31d76f500107
2022-08-02 14:01:44 -04:00
Zuul 7521eb4f62 Merge "Un-orphan pages" 2022-08-01 20:29:55 +00:00
Peter Matulis a8f31fc1ac Un-orphan pages
The practice of orphaning pages should be an exception.
Doing so removes build checks (e.g. link checking).

Change-Id: I12b892ca0f558ad461435d3bb6c16e52c1d1c6e2
2022-07-26 16:23:29 -04:00
Peter Matulis 365e7576bb Small improvements to upgrade overview
Also remove a hardcoded temporal reference that will soon be
out of date.

Change-Id: I2f8c78c994d1fba6eccc7ad6f2953a408afb5875
2022-07-26 15:46:55 -04:00
Peter Matulis d144e9df2e Remove security pages
Remove the Security pages as they are being migrated
to the charm-guide.

Some links need to be changed as a consequence.

Add HTML redirects (and tests).

The security overview page was completely removed
(not migrated) as its contents did not warrant a page
of its own. The little it had will be incorporated at
a later date.

Change-Id: If1bcbb39b4186fac7073f77bc0dacdac4294d3ff
2022-07-25 16:35:34 -04:00
Peter Matulis 52849548d6 Remove networking pages
Remove the Networking pages as they are being migrated
to the charm-guide.

Some links need to be changed as a consequence.

Add HTML redirects (and tests).

Depends-On: I39304470b71742a6cf01aa04cd80e2c2de1cdf9f
Change-Id: Ibc9db2ac43c24f9568d0a2446907ba517856a2df
2022-07-22 16:48:44 -04:00
Zuul 41823a4651 Merge "Move OVN migration to special operation" 2022-07-22 18:06:57 +00:00
Peter Matulis e58b45f851 Move OVN migration to special operation
The OVN documentation requires refactoring.

The first step is to feature the ML2+OVS to ML2+OVN
migration as a special charm procedure.

The change is a strict move (not a review) with the
exception of some link and header management and an
introductory paragraph for the new page.

Change-Id: I3ba6111364bc7703b50cb21f1c0e25e2cafaa8e3
2022-07-21 12:46:50 -04:00
Muhammad Ahmad 58862a5f96 Spelling mistakes fix
The current master branch has a couple of spelling mistakes.

This commit includes the correction to the following doc:

'Notably' was misspelled as 'Notebly'.
'Existing' was misspelled as 'Exisitng.

Change-Id: I9f46b1d498815bf557c050c24ffee846ae39f706
2022-07-19 09:15:40 +00:00
Zuul 77f4b9ea5b Merge "Mention hardware addresses for OVN Chassis" 2022-07-08 14:30:16 +00:00
Peter Matulis acce3eae2a Mention hardware addresses for OVN Chassis
It is common for users to not have the same
network interface name available across all MAAS
nodes for ovn-chassis units. This PR outlines the
use of hardware addresses.

Change-Id: I84cc572441f55c5e38f4bb99613be2514bddd86a
2022-07-08 10:14:48 -04:00
Zuul b9beb8882d Merge "Add guide for switching between different types of certificates" 2022-07-01 02:23:56 +00:00
Tianqi 9c06b03128 Add guide for switching between different types of certificates
Add the steps for swtiching between self-signed CA certificate
and third-party intermediate CA certificate after Vault charm
deployment. A note asking user to check the level of authorization
of the intermediate CA certificate is also added.

Closes-Bug: #1913289
Change-Id: I9e8ca51759650d211f491457cb0d0fc0040358e8
2022-06-30 22:18:12 +00:00
Peter Matulis 5920c9ffab Add intersphinx Sphinx extension
Add the intersphinx Sphinx extension to enable seamless
linking from the charm-guide.

This is already enabled for the charm-guide - for seamless
linking from this guide (deploy-guide).

Change-Id: I36442bfc8ff9267786cce87b32dfff2348c30f57
2022-06-02 13:33:42 -04:00
Zuul ebcf952ef9 Merge "Add dedicated OpenStack upgrade path pages" 2022-05-31 23:31:55 +00:00
Zuul b5a14a3890 Merge "Improve the special charm procedures page" 2022-05-31 23:30:48 +00:00
Peter Matulis 8707712087 Improve upgrade overview
Improve and streamline upgrade overview text.

In particular, move the topology information to the
upgrade-overview page.

Related-Bug: #1929091
Change-Id: If8bb494966915c34f50a23937f3b500ed99c7049
2022-05-31 18:01:24 -04:00
Peter Matulis 278f3d826b Add dedicated OpenStack upgrade path pages
Add dedicated OpenStack upgrade migration path pages to
make it clearer for upgraders. Doing so also removes
non-relevant text from the general upgrade-issues page.

Add a redirect to account for the deleted placement
charm special procedure page.

Closes-Bug: #1970272
Change-Id: Ibd09e9e0d66a6f9e152f37c6ac675eed35c97bde
2022-05-31 15:30:31 -04:00
Peter Matulis 70a2ebe80f Remove storage pages
Remove the storage pages as they are being migrated
to the charm-guide.

Add HTML redirects (and tests) as a consequence.

Depends-On: I933916e1a77e108ec255289e562149240ba09470
Change-Id: I20ffd8b97cfdac37ce83dc9fab35be236999e1e5
2022-05-30 21:34:45 -04:00
Zuul e6c366f6bd Merge "Remove compute pages" 2022-05-30 22:09:57 +00:00
Peter Matulis 22ec0b52fd Remove compute pages
Remove the Compute pages as they are being migrated
to the charm-guide.

Add HTML redirects (and tests) as a consequence.

Change-Id: Idf777582fcb902dcd1f603d04c8f872c579460ff
2022-05-30 20:31:22 +00:00
Zuul 53bbeb7b86 Merge "Modifications pursuant to golden path tutorial" 2022-05-30 20:26:13 +00:00
Peter Matulis 1fb631fbf9 Trivial formatting + guide version
Improve formatting for an unordered list on the
OVN page.

This PR will also be used to generate an OpenStack
Yoga version of charm-deployment-guide.

Change-Id: I8f24579ad202129e76b05e84a6a3aee780517b6d
2022-05-26 20:20:43 -04:00
Peter Matulis 4dd1585843 Fix a broken link + guide version
There is a broken link on the upgrade-charms page due
to upstream Juju doc changes.

This PR will also be used to generate an OpenStack
Yoga version of charm-deployment-guide.

Change-Id: Ibe1f8041c1e5a8175fb63d638cc81b0987ed6eba
2022-05-26 17:06:17 +00:00
Peter Matulis 06d91d4d2b Improve the special charm procedures page
Improve wording on the special charm procedures page
(it currently is at odds with channeled charms) and
streamline the reference back to the rest of the
upgrade pages.

Change-Id: I4f39e75fdda968a280f230283cf3ea41d7397c51
2022-05-24 16:45:41 -04:00
Peter Matulis 847fc07a35 Modifications pursuant to golden path tutorial
Now that the golden path tutorial has received
sufficient polish, this PR makes modifications to the
Deploy Guide accordingly.

* Point to the tutorial and remove the
  install-openstack-bundle page.

* Reword, refactor, and deal with a link.

Change-Id: I90fd395c1a31d3e59f480a8dd0bb8fcf58915e83
2022-05-20 17:59:21 -04:00
Zuul 2fa962231e Merge "Update guide to Jammy Yoga" 2022-05-19 20:52:30 +00:00
Peter Matulis f7e00849c3 Update guide to Jammy Yoga
Update the install instructions to Jammy Yoga.

Remove the worker-multiplier option for containerised
services as this leads to too many processes on highly
resourced machines. There is already a default maximum
number of four.

Instructions have been tested and verified. At the time
of writing:

  * placement charm needed to be installed by force
  * ntp charm was not available for Jammy

Change-Id: I7282604f416ac7bf3b3ebfb6b9cd5ed257847b66
2022-05-19 16:38:45 -04:00
Peter Matulis 43424cb48f Remove Masakari page
Remove page 'app-masakari' as it is being migrated
to the charm-guide.

Add an HTML redirect (and test) as a consequence.

Depends-On: I23547bee5239b0f2075042c9b799d0c060bd3de2
Change-Id: Ia7dc6e2f12035e824310cabdaa93663a69ddeb30
2022-05-11 17:00:23 -04:00
Zuul c5d113382d Merge "Remove Trilio page" 2022-05-11 20:54:19 +00:00